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Coach Speak: Haley Press Conference Highlights


Todd Haley gave his daily press conference following today’s OTA practice. I took the liberty of transcribing some of the highlights for those of you who can’t watch video at work. (you’re welcome)


On D-Bowe:

“I’m looking at Dwayne no different than any of these other guys. As a young player that is learning on the go that we feel has a chance to be a good player that has to do certain things to be a good player and be talked about with real good players which I’ve talked about in the past with him.”

“He’s much further along in the offseason compared to where he was last year. And that’s progress as far as I’m concerned. This other thing is family business and I’m not trying to get too caught up in it.”

More from Coach Haley after the jump:

On the quarterbacks:

“I would say that they’ve all had some shinning moments. They’ve had some not so shinny moments. Again, it is to be expected.”

“There is a strenuous lift in the morning. we are continuing to try to make strength gains in the weight room right now and that makes it tough. This week in particular, the offense meets first and the defense lifts and the offense lifts and the defense meets so the offense actually is coming right out of the weight room and going right out on to the field.”

On Charlie Weis:

“I got a guy that, number 1 system wise, we’re not having to make a major overhaul. We’re able to build on what we did. Number 2, we got a guy that I’ve worked very closely with. shared an office with, I know I’ve said that but that’s a big item. We’ve worked and back then in NY, we worked very well as a team and coaching a position and that is how we’ve kind of picked up where we left off. It’s just a little different role. I think there is a good balance there. ”

On the increased use of the Wild Cat at today’s practice:

“Well, again, I think as you get to know your team. I think we may have to take the cameras away now that we’re telling secrets. Some of its bluff, some of its just bluff, some of its not. As you get to know your team and the individual players a little better, you now, like I said, we had a small package last year that we practiced a lot more than it ever really showed up on the field.

This is the time of year to kind of check out what each guys skills are but we’ve had a number of guys on the team that have been involved in that type of offense before so again, this is the time of year you check some of that out and see who can do what or who’s comfortable doing what and go from there.”

On Derrick Lokey being able to play the NT position:

“Yeah he’s a guy that was kind of a pleasant surprise last year and then he got hurt so we missed him really for the whole year. Got him back in the offseason and he’s working really hard. I wouldn’t put too much into guys moving around whether it’s forward or back. It may just be to get guys more reps because we have a limited number of plays we have.”

On if Donald Washington is now a safety:

We’ve got him working at safety now.

On Maurice Leggett:

“Legget’s another one with a bunch of versatility and if you ask him he’ll say he wants on offense some.”

“Maurice is working at corner, which I think he has a really good chance to have success at.”