Bullet: Dodged. The Time: Now.


Donovan McNabb has officially been traded by the Eagles, but not to the Oakland Raiders, as we feared. He’s heading to the Washington Redskins, under the watchful eye of new head coach Mike Shanahan. Enjoy cakin’ it with LJ, Donovan…

Paddy’s given you his thoughts. If you read this site with any regularity, you should know mine. They’re after the jump for all the world to see…

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McNabb would have made the AFC West the Raiders’ division to lose. Now I simply think this team will continue to have its hopes squeezed into lifelessness by incompetent QB play. Although, seriously, Bruce Gradkowski can probably get this team to 10 wins with their weak schedule.

As curious of a move as this was for the Eagles and the Raiders combined, it’s also a weird move by the Redskins. This all but assures that Jimmy Clausen will not be drafted by the Redskins at #4 overall, as I’ve suspected all season, which puts the Redskins in a very precarious situation with this pick. They essentially need Russell Okung to fall past the Lions, which I don’t think will happen.

If Okung goes before the ‘Skins pick, who do they go with? Not Berry; they already have a Top 10 pick at safety. Neither McCoy or Suh really fit their weird, transitioning 3-4 defense with Haynesworth still on board (Suh will be gone anyway). Both stud QBs are out of the question. Do they reach for a nose tackle? Wide receiver? Cornerback? Bulaga? Blech.

The essential impact of all of this is that you can add Russell Okung to the list of players that simply will not make it to the Chiefs’ pick. Bradford, Suh, and now Okung are 100% likely to be off the board by the time the Chiefs are up.

In my opinion, I think this decision comes down to one player. Do you hear the theme from “Jaws”? I do.

This team will get absolutely no better shot at solidifying their most important position than now. The Chiefs simply must draft QB Jimmy Clausen. I don’t want to hear about stud safeties, the importance of upgrading the offensive line, who Pioli has connections to and who he doesn’t. Think about this year’s Super Bowl.


The discussion, for me at least, is over. There has never been a better chance to fortifying this position, one that’s cursed the Chiefs for 90% of the franchise’s existence, for the next 15 years.

You must have the quarterback to win. And Scott Pioli has the chance to give us a stud QB for a decade. I don’t know how you don’t pull the trigger on that.