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McNabb Traded To The Redskins And What It Means For The Chiefs


Just when I thought the Raiders were going to get it together, they bungle it.

Mike Shannahan has pulled a fast one on Al Davis and has traded for Eagles QB, Donnovan McNabb. From ESPN.com:

"The Philadelphia Eagles traded McNabb to the Washington Redskins for a pair of draft picks on Sunday night. The Eagles will receive a second-round pick (37th overall) in this month’s NFL draft and either a third- or fourth-round pick next year."

This is good news for Chiefs fans on a couple of fronts. For starters, it means McNabb won’t be coming to the Raiders. While it doesn’t mean Oakland won’t upgrade at the QB position, I will still sleep a little easier knowing that the Chiefs won’t have to face a QB like McNabb twice a year.

This move also will greatly impact the draft. Washington trading for McNabb all but guarantees that the Redskins will not take a QB with the 4th pick in the first round. With Bradford likely going to the Rams and Detroit and Tampa already believing they have their franchise QB’s, it means Jimmy Clausen is going to be available when the Chiefs pick at #5.

What this means for the Chiefs after the jump.

As excited as Andrew must be that Clausen is sure to be available when KC’s number is called, do not expect the Chiefs to take him. They are committed to Matt Cassel, at least for next season and even if Jimmy Clausen was Charlie Weiss’ first born son, Pioli wouldn’t take him.

I now believe, unless the Chiefs are absolutely obsessed with taking Eric Berry, that the Chiefs will be offered the opportunity to trade back and I think they will take it. There are a slue of QB needy teams behind the Chiefs and if a team wants to guarantee that they can get Clausen, they need Kansas City’s draft spot because after the Chiefs pick, there is no guarantee that one of the teams behind them won’t take Clausen.

The Seahawks are the first team to pick after KC and while they have said that they are sticking with the often inured Matt Hastlebeck at QB, any team that buys that is absolutely foolish. The Seahawks know the score. They know the Chiefs aren’t going to take a QB so if they can convince the rest of the league that they aren’t either they can see that know one jumps over them. If I am a GM and I really want Clausen, the only safe way to go about it is to jump the Seahawks. Remember, the Jets traded up to the 5th slot to get Mark Sanchez so there is a recent precedent for a QB contract at #5. It very well could happen again this year, especially with Pioli’s fondness of trading back, his reluctance to take a safety high and the overwhelming evidence that the Chiefs do not plan on adding to the offensive line in round 1.

I know a lot of you have your heart set on Berry but the Chiefs have more needs than even a playmaker like Berry can fill. The odds of the Chiefs moving back doubled with the McNabb trade.

Ok, I have said my piece. It is your turn, Addicts! How do you think the McNabb trade impacts the Chiefs draft and what do you think they should do?