The Lilja signing is part of Pioli’s trend in Kansas City.


Allow me, in four meager words, to describe my feelings in the Kansas City Chiefs’ acqusitions of free agent center Casey Wiegmann and free agent guard Ryan Lilja:

Zach Thomas, Amani Toomer.

I’m not doing this to make waves, but as the entire Chiefs blogosphere and even major players in KC media promote this selection as another bargain move for GM Scott Pioli, I can’t help but think of last season when Chiefs fans were blown away by the fact that players like Thomas and Toomer were attracted to this franchise last year.

We’re the Chiefs, after all, a franchise that’s been notorious to having to overpay to bring big names to our smallish market.

But Thomas and Toomer were signings that mirror this year’s, and they came with their own question marks. Both were old, in their outermost twilight, and had major injury questions. And neither player made it past the preseason.

Wiegmann is unquestionably facing the last year in the NFL, and Lilja was just released by a team whose owner said needed OL help, and saw releasing Lilja as more of the problem than a solution.

Matter of fact, we can probably compare these signings to someone even more relevant that we released this exact same offseason: Mike Goff. In fact it does seem that Pioli is trying to patch this OL up through free agency yet again, like the Chiefs always do, rather than invest too many picks there.

This is what the Chiefs are always going to do under Pioli, it seems. Hope that someone in the outermost twilight pans out.

Don’t get your hopes up with these signings. We may get a Chris Chambers here or there (in my opinion, that’ll be Thomas Jones), but for every Chambers, there’s going to be a half dozen Mike Browns.