What. Did. I. Tell. You?

Report: Chiefs Sign Lilja


What. Did. I. Tell. You?

Chiefs have confirmed the signing. I believe Josh Looney announced it on his live call in show on KC Chiefs.com. I am listening now.

If I can just take a minute to gloat here and I told you I would, I said this morning that Lilja would be a Chief by the end of the day.

Ironically, I had been hearing from a couple sources that the Chiefs were offering Lilja less than 2 other teams and that he likely would not be signed. I was just about to finish an article blasting Scott Pioli for not paying up when the news of the signing broke. I am glad I did not have to post that article because it was not nice. My thoughts after the jump.

This is in my opinion the Chiefs best move of the offseason. I love the Thomas Jones trade signing and I am pumped that Weigmann is aboard again but getting themselves a starting G from a Super Bowl team is a major, major upgrade to the offensive line. The Chiefs still need more depth but I think they very well may be finished with the major retooling their offensive line. I will have more on that later.

What do you think, Addicts? Good signing or bad signing?

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