Saturday Night Week in Review

Addicts, it’s that time again on the best Chiefs blog on the world wide webernet!  It is the Saturday Night Week in Review.  Your head may be spinning from NFLPA decertification, Anti-Trust lawsuits, just how a flux capacitor makes time travel possible*, and that you can’t believe it’s not butter, so I have a solution.  As you are wading through the minutia of the lockout and subsequent lawsuit, utilize the following flux capacitor enabled links to travel back in time to earlier in the week when life was much simpler.

Patrick started us out with a mock draft, and subsequently revealed to us that he has the ability to eat souls.  Lyle followed up with an assessment of Todd Haley and how he ranks among the other NFL coaches, and it appears Double D still doesn’t want to give Haley any credit for anything.  Love ya DD!!!  Adam followed Merlin’s post with his own version of a post combine draft for the Chiefs, and Jeremy pointed out that next season we may be relying a lot more on Cottam that we think…

*And to answer your question of how a flux capacitor makes time travel possible: It breaks down the DeLorean into it’s quantum particles so they are small enough to pass through the quantum “foam” of our universe and traverse the different layers of three dimensional space in the multi-verse.  Since these “dimensions” in the multiverse do not run concurrent, when entering the next pane in the mult-verse the DeLorean essentially goes backward or forward in time and is reassembled.  This process is of course aided by the quantum computer built into the flux capacitor that utilizes the 32 different quantum states of electrons to represent the ones and zeros of binary code and has enough computing power to disassemble and reassemble the quantum particles of the DeLorean and passenger(s) to their original state.  OF COURSE doing this too many times may result in transcription errors, but I’m sure you know all about that….  Kudos to the person that can tell me where I got this information.

Sadly all of this is still easier to understand than the NFL’s CBA negotiations.

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