Post-Combine Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft


The 2011 Scouting Combine has come and gone and Big Boards have been shuffled based on Combine results.  Some players’ stock rose.  Other players’ stock fell.  While other players’ performances has scouts quoting Dennis Greens’ line of, “They are who we thought they were.”  However, since there has been a reshuffle of Big Boards, it’s time for another Kansas City Chiefs’ Mock Draft.  It is based on’s Board so if you want to play the mock draft game, you can use that as your players list.

Round 1   Pick 21 (21)     Akeem Ayers     Linebacker     UCLA     6’3”     254 lbs.

This was a tough one to pick.  In the end, I went with Ayers because he is a good example of one of the Chiefs’ buzzwords which is ‘versatility’.  Ayers can be lined up at any linebacker position in the 3-4 and do well.  He has good skills in both pass rushing and coverage although neither is elite.  Ayers should offer an intriguing twist to the Chiefs’ defense.

Round 2   Pick 23 (55)     Brandon Fusco     Center     Slippery Rock     6’4”     316 lbs.

With Chiefs’ center Casey Wiegmann eyeing retirement; it is a good idea to get a replacement.  He won’t be guaranteed to start immediately since he is from a small school, but I do like his size and he carries his weight well.  Some scouts at the Combine were actually wondering if he had too good a physique; inferring that it was perhaps “chemically enhanced.”  However, that comment is the first negative thing I’ve heard about Fusco and it may not even be true.  So until I hear something that can be corroborated, he’s my 2nd round draft pick.

Round 3   Pick 22 (86)     Daniel Thomas     Running Back     Kansas State     6’0”     230 lbs.

I was keeping my eye out for a wide receiver while doing the first three picks in this mock, but one never materialized.  The best shot I had was Torrey Smith in the 2nd round, but I worry about his pass catching ability.  Since I can’t find a receiver than I figured I’d see what deals on running backs could be had.  Running backs have been a position where it is easy to get quality in later rounds.  Thomas here offers quality, and he gives the Chiefs a great complement to Jamaal Charles.  While Charles scampers for those big plays, Thomas can pound it up the middle.  I think they will make a good tandem and will be worth the pick even though Thomas Jones will probably stay one more year.  Let Daniel Thomas learn from a quality veteran for a season.  It can only help him.

Round 4   Pick 21 (117)   Greg McElroy     Quarterback     Alabama     6’2”     220 lbs.

I admit that I’m a fan of McElroy.  I’m not a fan of Alabama or Nick Saban.  But I am a fan of smart quarterbacks.  McElroy is one of those.  McElroy got the best score on the Combine’s IQ test (the Wonderlic) this year.  He got 48 out of 50.  That ranks as one of the best scores ever.  That kind of smart is backed up by the game tape and his decision making skills.  He may not have the greatest arm, but he is a tough, smart football player that is constantly looking to improve.  Worst case scenario is he is a good backup.  Best case scenario is that he is a borderline starter that is held back by his arm strength.  I can live with either of those.

Round 5   Pick 4   (132)   Greg Salas     Wide Receiver     Hawaii     6’1”     210 lbs.

Salas isn’t going to outrun anybody.  I just wanted to clear that up from the start.  I’m not drafting Salas to be a starter.  I’m drafting him to add depth to the Chiefs’ poor wide receiver corps.  Salas has nice hands, but looks to be a slot player only.  He’s tough and a competitor, but will constantly be held back by his lack of speed.

Round 5   Pick 8   (136)   Clint Boling     Offensive Lineman     Georgia     6’5”     308 lbs.

I would be very surprised if Boling lasts this long.  If he’s there when the Chiefs pick, it should be a no-brainer.  Boling has played all across Georgia’s offensive line in his time there.  Earlier I talked about the Chiefs’ buzzword ‘versatility’.  Boling is another example of this.  He fits best at guard and will add necessary depth there, but there is a chance that he could play right tackle for the Chiefs.  Either way, Boling adds necessary depth to the Chiefs’ offensive line.

Round 7   Pick 21 (212)   Joshua Thomas     Cornerback     Buffalo     5’10”     191 lbs.

In my last mock draft I had a corner here as well.  When I look at how the draft could shake out, as well as where the Chiefs are as a team now, I’m feeling more and more certain that the Chiefs will go cornerback with this pick.  The Chiefs are in a place where they can afford to take developmental cornerbacks.  They can pick guys who can be starters, but just need some coaching.  There is value here for them.  The three cornerbacks I like for this pick for the Chiefs are:  Ryan Jones, Joshua Thomas, and Justin Rogers.  I like Jones and Thomas a bit more than Rogers.  All three are small school players and just need some time to grow, but all could become starters.

Well there it is.  It isn’t perfect.  It doesn’t address all of the Chiefs’ needs, but I think the Chiefs end up a better team.  What stinks for me is that I would like the Chiefs to get a playmaker but the players just weren’t there.  One idea I can’t put on paper but I like is the Chiefs trading down from their first rounder.  Since they are no longer a top ten pick the Chiefs should find it easier to trade if they want to.  We’ll see what happens.  Let the criticism begin.