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My Chief Concerns: Counting On Cottam


In the NFL you cannot succeed w

ithout the opportunity to do so.  Opportunity simply means playing time.  Unfortunately, Kansas City Chiefs TE Brad Cottam has not received much of it.  For two (2) straight seasons he has been placed on injured reserve. With Tony Moeaki having a wonderful rookie season, and Leonard Pope doing a decent job, Brad’s chances are getting dim.  Or are they?

Brad is a monster at 6’7, 269 pounds, (some sources have him listed at 6’8, 271 pounds) and he can run a 4.65 forty (per   Todd Haley has reiterated that he would like to have a “running team”.  Most running teams show a lot of two (2) tight end sets. Brad is big and fast (faster than Pope and O’Connell), and has good hands (better than Pope and O’Connell).  With Moeaki and Cottam on the line in a two tight end set, you essentially have two additional receivers should you elect to go play action pass.

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As a rookie, Brad Cottam, a 2008 third round pick,  played in all sixteen (16) games starting seven (7) of them.  He spent most of the year honing his blocking skills and playing second string to Tony Gonzalez.  He had no passing plays until week eight (8) against the Jets when Chan Gailey finally split him out like the Chiefs did with Tony.  Per Cottam “splitting him out was only to last for one series but they did it on four (4) series since it worked so well”.  He had four catches for thirty four (34) yards that game.  Of course those aren’t incredible numbers, but those are pretty good.  He averaged 9.0 yards a catch for the year.  Not too bad for a rookie playing behind the greatest tight end ever to play the game. He has shown some flashes and would be a great second tight end to Tony Moeaki.

As we know Brad’s only negative is the injury bug (But wasn’t that Moeaki’s too).  During his college career, he has had five surgeries, including one upon his wrist in 2007, and another injury as a result of a car accident.  All of us remember that great catch and run he had before he decided to go airborne and land on his head.  Let’s hope this year he can land on his feet.  His opportunities are dwindling. This year will be his last chance. I am pulling for him.