Should the Chiefs bring back Blaine Gabbert as backup quarterback?

After one year of Gabbert, should the team bring him back or usher in new blood?

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The role of backup quarterback is such an intriguing one in the world of football. He's the guy that no one wants to ever see on some contending teams, and yet he's one of the most popular on other teams where a promising young player is waiting in the wings.

What about the backup role for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Sitting behind Patrick Mahomes, the greatest quarterback in the game today, is an interesting spot that could see some strategic debate depending on one's viewpoint.

After one year of Gabbert, should the team bring him back or usher in new blood behind Mahomes?

Should a team like the Chiefs grab a young developmental player and have someone like Mahomes mentor them in the hopes of growing a capable backup as well as potential trade fodder? Or should the Chiefs always keep a savvy vet on hand to minimize any learning curve given their consistent contender status?

Ever since Mahomes was installed as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, the primary backup has always been the aging veteran. Chad Henne held down the role for several seasons and the Chiefs turned to Matt Moore when Henne had an injury himself. Last year, the Chiefs signed former Mizzou star Blaine Gabbert, now a journeyman vet in the NFL, to a one-year deal to cover the same role.

It feels unfair to say that Gabbert could not get the job done for the Chiefs considering how little he ever got to play, but what little fans saw wasn't exactly the most inspired set of reps. Then again, it was Week 18 and he was throwing to backups in a meaningless game in the bigger picture. And overall, fans are quite thankful we didn't see anything from Gabbert when it counted because that meant Mahomes stayed healthy.

Should the Chiefs bring him back again? With Mahomes entering his late-twenties and with three Super Bowl wins to his credit, there comes a point when the team can begin to develop players. Then again, Andy Reid and company might only be concerned about one thing at QB2: readiness.

Notice that the Chiefs seemed to like Shane Buechele and were even grooming him for multiple seasons for a bigger role. But when push came to shove, Gabbert ended up winning the role and Buechele landed in Buffalo.

Even last year, Gabbert's deal was only the vet minimum or thereabouts, which is a clear indication that the Chiefs brought him in to compete. Nothing was guaranteed then and maybe that posture would remain the same even now. Perhaps the Chiefs might be ready for a rookie or maybe another vet would do—someone like Tyler Huntley or Teddy Bridgewater or Josh Dobbs.

So what should the Chiefs do at this point? Will Chiefs Kingdom see a return of Gabbert to the roster as we have with several other re-signings? There are multiple ways to view this and it will be interesting to see who settles into the mix when training camp comes around.