Rashee Rice sends potential messages with offseason workout video

Despite a looming court case, a $1,000,000 civil suit, and a potential suspension, the second-year wide receiver was showing off his speed and skills during some offseason workouts. One of his posts even contained lyrics to a song that might be aimed at some of the talking heads and haters speaking about him on social media.
Rashee Rice's rookie pictures
Rashee Rice's rookie pictures / Michael Owens/GettyImages

This offseason has not been one to write home about for Chiefs' standout second-year receiver Rashee Rice. After breaking rookie postseason records with Kansas City in his first year, the SMU pass catcher found himself in hot water after causing a multi-car accident in Dallas before leaving the scene of the crime and ending up plastered across every national media outlet for the better part of a week.

Even though Rice admitted to driving recklessly in a rented Lamborghini and apologized to the victims and their families, Rice still faces a long road ahead through the legal process, likely punishments from the league, and sits on the wrong side of a $1,000,000 civil lawsuit.

As he awaits the results of 8 charges from a multi-vehicle accident, Chiefs WR Rashee Rice is working out to pass the time.

Despite all that off-the-field noise, it seems that Rice, the Chiefs' WR1 from last year, is back at it while he awaits court as well as a punishment handed down from the NFL and Roger Goodell.

In a series of posts to Rice's Instagram story (@doub11e_r), the receiver looked strong and just as speedy off the line in some black-and-white videos catching passes and stutter-stepping into some routes. After the videos, he posted three pictures of him in the weight room getting stronger to the song "48 Laws of Power" by Hunxho which could possibly be a response to the thousands of people who have already named Rice alongside defamed athletes like Henry Ruggs III and Ray Rice.

The lyrics read: "Rule number three, remember karma, it'll come back and bite you" is the first lyric, which might be aimed at those who have shared fake news or wrong information about him over the past month. "Rule number four, don't be scared to fail, you'll fail if you don't try" is the second lyric, seemingly telling himself to keep his head up despite all the problems that will likely keep him from playing a full season this upcoming year.

"Rule number five, compete with self like you the only man alive, gotta be focused on your goals, you can't be worried about them guys," would almost certainly be more motivation for himself to get better and stronger while also trying to block out the noise that continues to flood his social media and his phone. And finally "Rule number six, I don't care how hard it get, you gotta strive. Rule number seven, pick a side, you can't be gambling with your pride."

No matter how you want to look at it, Rice is replying to somebody (if not everybody) with the lyrics he chose to display on his Instagram story while he waits for his legal battles to begin in Texas.