Ranking every potential primetime game for the Chiefs in 2024 from best to worst

Which opponents are the Chiefs most likely going to face in primetime? Let's rank them all.
Green Bay Packers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Most Likely Primetime Games

These are the teams that are Super Bowl contenders and are therefore going to be easy picks to pit against the Chiefs in primetime games.

Baltimore Ravens

This would be a rematch of last season's AFC Championship Game and that automatically makes it primetime-worthy. Last season was the Ravens' best chance to make it to the Super Bowl and the Chiefs ensured that didn't happen even with the game taking place in Baltimore. This year's match-up will take place at Arrowhead so this is a candidate for the first game of the season.

Even if the Chiefs and Ravens aren't slotted in for that Week 1 season opener, it feels like a near-certainty that we'll see these two go at it in one of the night games.

Buffalo Bills

The bad news is that Buffalo is on the schedule once again since both teams finished in first place in their divisions. The good news is that anytime the Bills beat the Chiefs in the regular season, the Chiefs go on to knock them out of the playoffs.

This season's game will take place in Buffalo so it wouldn't be an Arrowhead primetime event but this one feels like shoo-in to be played at night. People want to see these two teams square off in primetime.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals finished the 2023 season in last place in their division so they wouldn't have been on KC's schedule had the AFC West and AFC North not been scheduled to meet up this year. That's why the Bengals will be on the schedule once again.

The last few Chiefs/Bengals regular-season games haven't been held at night but rather the late afternoon game on CBS. I wouldn't be shocked if that's the case again but with the Bengals disappointing last year, the schedule-makers might not make it a priority.

Houston Texans

A strong candidate to open up the NFL season is Chiefs/Texans since Houston is an up-and-comer this year. This time last year, the Texans were a laughing stock but they turned everything around in 2023 after DeMeco Ryans proved he was a great head coach and C.J. Stroud had a rookie season for the ages.

The Chiefs and Texans had a rivalry a few years ago but the Chiefs put a temporary end to it when they came back from a 24-0 deficit in the AFC Divisional Round during the 2020 playoffs. Maybe it'll be reignited again and if so, it's best that this game be played at nighttime.

San Francisco 49ers

The Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in five years and second in a row earlier this year and they took down the San Francisco 49ers to get that title. It's the second time KC beat the 49ers in the Super Bowl so having a Super Bowl LIV and Super Bowl LVIII rematch on primetime television is a near-guarantee. It'll be in San Francisco and don't be surprised if the Niners get some sort of revenge in that game.