NFL Quarterback Power Rankings: Who is Patrick Mahomes biggest competition?

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Tier 3: The Almost Elite Tier (5-12)

I've changed the order of the eight quarterbacks in this tier about ten times since I started making this list. So if you're furious that I ranked one of these guys over the other, just know that I have them all extremely close and think any one of them could potentially have a standout year that elevates them above the rest.

12. Dak Prescott - Dallas Cowboys

I struggle with what to do with Dak. He puts up great numbers and the Cowboys offense is built around him, but he just can't seem to elevate his team enough when it counts. The NFC has been open for the taking over the past few years, and he hasn't been able to take advantage. He's a top-ten regular-season quarterback, but his lack of postseason success pushes him to the bottom of this tier.

11. Brock Purdy - San Francisco 49ers

Brock Purdy's play last season warrants a top-ten spot in the power rankings, but I'm going to need to see it one more time before I move him ahead of the guys above him on this list. Purdy is ahead of the other "system quarterbacks" on this list like Goff and Tua because of how he showed an ability to create when the play breaks down in the playoffs last year. If he does that again this season he'll climb in these rankings.

10. Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts was in my top five quarterbacks following his run to the Super Bowl during the 2022 season, but he regressed a lot as a passer last season. Maybe that was because of the change in offensive coordinator or maybe it was because he was battling injuries most of the year, but he's got something to prove this season. He could elevate himself back into the top five or fall into the bottom half of the rankings based on his play.

9. Jordan Love - Green Bay Packers

Jordan Love's play during the second half of last season gave Packers fans reason to believe that they may have found another star to continue the tradition of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. We've seen other quarterbacks not be able to live up to the promise they showed, so his spot in the top ten isn't locked in, but if he builds off what we saw last season he could continue to climb even higher.

8. C.J. Stroud - Houston Texans

Take what I just said about Jordan Love and bump it up one notch for C.J. Stroud. Stroud was fantastic as a rookie, but we've seen the sophomore slump happen to more than one quarterback. If Stroud can prove his rookie year wasn't a fluke or even build off of it he could be destined for a spot in the top five.

7. Aaron Rodgers - New York Jets

Since we are assuming a healthy season out of everyone on this list, I'm giving Rodgers the benefit of the doubt here. Rodgers is 40, so there are legit questions about if he can physically play at an elite level anymore, but the last time we saw a healthy Rodgers he still had it. Does he have one last run left in him? We'll find out.

6. Matt Stafford - Los Angeles Rams

Once again, we're assuming a healthy season with this ranking. Stafford is underrated when it comes to his physical tools. Yes, he's 36, but he still has a good arm, is a proven winner, has great receivers, and a great offensive playcaller. While he may not have the elite upside of most of the other guys in this tier he's also the one I think has the highest floor (assuming he's healthy).

5. Justin Herbert - Los Angeles Chargers

This ranking is based on the eye test for me. I still believe Herbert is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He had a down year last year because of the system and his weapons, but his ability is still off the charts. His critics will say he still hasn't proven anything, but I'm a believer. He may not put up obscene numbers with Jim Harbaugh running the Chargers, but I think we'll see elite play when he does throw the ball and I expect them to be a much mentally tougher team under Harbaugh.

Now we get to the truly elite tier.