NFL Quarterback Power Rankings: Who is Patrick Mahomes biggest competition?

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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Tier 2: The Elite Tier (2-4)

4. Joe Burrow - Cincinnati Bengals

I think there is a good chance that injury issues could keep Burrow from achieving this spot this season, but assuming he's actually healthy, it's hard to keep him out of the elite tier. He's put up great numbers and has proven he can win big games, including in the playoffs. He hasn't been able to add a Super Bowl yet, but he does have the most success against the top name on this list of any active QB.

3. Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is a two-time MVP and one of the most dynamic rushing quarterbacks that the NFL has ever seen. Under new offensive coordinator Todd Monken there were signs of expanding their passing game too which makes him even more dangerous. The only thing stopping Jackson from having a Hall of Fame caliber resume is a Super Bowl, but he hasn't been able to get past the top name on the list to make that happen.

2. Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills

The #2 spot on this list is a coin flip between Jackson and Josh Allen. Both are physical freaks, but in different ways. Allen is more of a powerhouse runner compared to the more dynamic Jackson. I gave Allen the edge because I feel like he's a little more accomplished as a passer and has carried his team to a few more playoff wins, even though he also hasn't been able to get past the quarterback who is in a tier all of his own.

Tier 1: The Patrick Mahomes Tier (1)

1. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs

Even among the elite quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes is in a tier of his own. He's a three time Super Bowl champion, three time Super Bowl MVP, two time NFL MVP, and a six time Pro Bowler (in six seasons as a starter). He's put up massive numbers and found ways to win "ugly". He's done it all and is the current gold standard for NFL quarterbacks.

So there you have it. Those are my 2024 NFL offseason quarterback power rankings. Who is too high? Who is too low? Who belongs in a different tier all together? You can find me on X (formerly Twitter) @LyleGraversen if you want to share your thoughts. You can also check out my 2024 Offseason Composite Power Rankings if you missed those last week.