NFL Quarterback Power Rankings: Who is Patrick Mahomes biggest competition?

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Tier 4: The Middle Tier (13-17)

This tier is made up of guys that are either highly productive in great systems despite some limitations or still have high upside, but we haven't seen them break through just yet.

17. Kirk Cousins - Atlanta Falcons

Kirk Cousins has proven he can be an average to above-average starter in the NFL if he's in a good system and has a good supporting cast. He definitely has a talented young cast around him in Atlanta. He has a chance to outperform this spot in the rankings, but he'll be 36 by the start of the season and the Falcons would probably be wise not to ask him to do too much.

16. Jared Goff - Detroit Lions

I think having Kirk Cousins and Jared Goff in the middle two spots of the power rankings is about perfect. Goff gets the slight edge because he's younger and in a little more proven situation, but he still has limitations and struggles outside in the elements. Those limitations haven't stopped him from putting up great numbers in Detroit and he should do that again next season.

15. Tua Tagovailoa - Miami Dolphins

Tua is a part of the Cousins and Goff club, but he's the youngest of the trio and I like his processing speed the best of the three. He'll likely have another highly productive season in Miami, but come playoff time he'll likely struggle to create plays on his own and like Goff, struggles outside in the elements.

14. Trevor Lawrence - Jacksonville Jaguars

We're still waiting for Lawrence to deliver on the potential everyone saw in him coming out of college. He's been an average NFL quarterback the past couple of seasons, but still hasn't taken the step into the elite category. He has the upside to be far better than the other quarterbacks in this tier, but thus far he hasn't been able to match them from a production standpoint.

13. Kyler Murray - Arizona Cardinals

I'm higher on Kyler than almost any ranking you'll see. I think Murray showed that when he had a true #1 wideout like DeAndre Hopkins, he could be a dangerous passer and a dangerous runner. Now he has an elite wideout again in Marvin Harrison Jr. and a great short-range weapon in tight end Trey McBride. If I was picking a quarterback from this tier to win me games this season and injuries aren't part of the equation, I'm taking Kyler.

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