NFL Quarterback Power Rankings: Who is Patrick Mahomes biggest competition?

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Tier 5: The Opposite Directions Tier (18-24)

This tier is composed of three young quarterbacks with tremendous upside who could absolutely take off this season and three veterans that are just trying to prove that they should remain starters in the league.

24. Russell Wilson / Justin Fields - Pittsburgh Steelers

I believe that Russell Wilson will get time to prove he's the starter for the Steelers. I think they want a veteran quarterback to control the clock, take a few shots downfield, and let the defense keep them close. Fields has more upside, but I think Wilson's style fits what they want to do even if it isn't that exciting.

23. Jaylon Daniels - Washington Commanders

I don't know if Daniels can become an above-average NFL passer, but his explosive running ability gives him a really high ceiling. Since these rankings are based on where I would put them if they're healthy all season, that eliminated one of my biggest concerns with him. Washington has some weapons for him to work with in the passing game and his legs will do the rest.

22. Deshaun Watson - Cleveland Browns

I wanted to put Watson in the bottom tier because I'm not a fan of his (for obvious reasons) and he's been a mess since he came back from his suspension. He does have some weapons to work with and has shown he can be a slightly below-average starter since he returned and that's about where this ranking slots him. Maybe this is the year he returns to his early form, but I hope not.

21. Baker Mayfield - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If you look at other quarterback power rankings you'll usually find Baker Mayfield a few slots higher than this, but I'm just not a believer. I think last season represents the best you can expect from him and that's just an average at best starter. You can get by with him, but there isn't much of a ceiling there.

20. Caleb Williams - Chicago Bears

This might seem high to some for a rookie who has never taken a snap in the NFL, but based on what we saw from Williams in college, I would feel better about him as my starter this season than everyone else before him on this list. He may have a lower floor than someone like Baker this season, but I also think his ceiling is much higher.

19. Anthony Richardson - Indianapolis Colts

You can repost what I just said about Williams' upside here for Richardson, but we actually got to see him at the NFL level for a few games last season. His physical rushing upside is higher than anyone else in the league right now and since these rankings are based on whether they are healthy for the full season that takes away my biggest concern for Richardson.

18. Geno Smith - Seattle Seahawks

Smith has a slightly higher ceiling as a pure passer than Baker Mayfield, which is why I've got him edging out high-upside guys like Williams and Richardson in this tier. I do think Smith needs to play well this season if he wants to keep his job as a starter in the NFL.

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