KC Chiefs: Important takeaways from roster cut deadline

Let's look at several things we learned at the NFL's roster cuts deadline about the Chiefs.

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Chiefs D-line adds much-needed depth

Absolutely nothing will significantly help this defensive line until Chris Jones decides to return from his lengthy holdout. If the Chiefs want to solidify the front line, coming to terms with Jones is the one move they need to make. But on Tuesday, they were able to move the needle forward just a bit and that's helpful for a unit this needy.

The Chiefs' defensive line is in shambles along the interior. Jones has been holding out now for months, and it also doesn't help matters that Charles Omenihu is suspended for nearly the first half of the season either. And then there's Turk Wharton who can only practice in stretches as he attempts to return from a torn ACL suffered last October.

As the Chiefs enter the regular season, they've got to suit up with what they have and before trading for Neil Farrell, the Chiefs were looking abysmal up front. Farrell doesn't do anything to replace Jones, but he does offer a boost in the ceiling next to Jones. He was a fourth-round pick a year ago for the Raiders who will now give the Chiefs three more cost-controlled seasons as a big-bodied anchor who should improve the team's run defense immediately.

When you think about what a year under Steve Spagnuolo and Joe Cullen might do for him, Farrell could make a leap forward that no one saw coming. At the very least, it's a risk worth taking at a position of need for a very fair price.