KC Chiefs: Important takeaways from roster cut deadline

Let's look at several things we learned at the NFL's roster cuts deadline about the Chiefs.
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Ihmir Smith-Marsette finds well-deserved home

While it doesn't feel good to see Ihmir Smith-Marsette traded away to another team after watching him come up big in the preseason, it's nice to at least see him rewarded with a real opportunity to make an impact on someone's active roster.

The Chiefs shipped Smith-Marsette to the Panthers for a song, but they were going to cut him anyway and knew they'd lose him on the waiver wire. This way they recoup at least something (a conditional swap of 7th round picks in 2025), while Smith-Marsette gets a very real chance to find chemistry within a young offense led by first-overall selection Bryce Young.

For those who are a bit too sad at his departure, just remember that names like Cody Thompson or Daurice Fountain once made you feel the same way. And to Smith-Marsette, we say the best of luck to you as you find your footing in the NFC.