The ultimate wide receiver tiers for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2024 draft

Everyone agrees that the Kansas City Chiefs need to take a wide receiver in the 2024 NFL draft, but here's a comprehensive and different take on who they should target.
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Tier 6: Wide Receivers to Target on Day Three of the Draft

This final tier is made up of the wide receivers that I'd be interested in the Chiefs taking a flier on during day three of the draft. These aren't players that would be counted on to play as rookies but could develop into nice role players (or special teams contributors) down the road. The receiver prospects in this tier either lack the upside of the prospects in tier five or are going to need significantly more time to develop.

22. Jacob Cowing - Arizona - 5'8" - 168 pounds

Really fun and explosive slot weapon, but he's really tiny.

23. Tahj Washington - USC - 5'10" - 174 pounds

If Tahj Washington was three inches taller, he would be up a tier for me because I love his tape, but I think it'll be difficult for him to get the same results in the NFL at his size.

24. Devontez Walker - North Carolina - 6'1" - 193 pounds

Some people have Walker several spots higher, but I see a slightly shorter MVS caliber field stretcher that lacks the agility skills necessary to develop into a more well rounded receiver.

25. Anthony Gould - Oregon State - 5'8" - 174 pounds

If KC missed out on Jacob Cowing and Tahj Washington, Anthony Gould is next in the line of small slot options who have some fun highlights and playmaking upside.

26. Jamari Thrash - Louisville - 5'11" - 188 pounds

You'll find Thrash higher on several other lists too. While he's slightly bigger than some of the "little guys" on this list, I thought his tape was a little less dynamic. He's more of a short deep-threat guy, than a quick slot guy and I don't think that works as well. He also has no special teams experience, which is weird for a guy with his playing style.

27. Ainias Smith - Texas A&M - 5'9" - 190 pounds

Ainias Smith is kind of a smaller and less dynamic version of Malachi Corley. He's not a great route runner, but he looks like a running back with the ball in his hands.

28. Cornelius Johnson - Michigan - 6'3" - 212 pounds

Good outside size with decent hands that tested well, but his tape does match his testing. He looks slow and doesn't separate very well.

29. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint - Georgia - 6'1" - 206 pounds

Repeat what I said about Cornelius Johnson, but without the testing well part.

30. Jalen Coker - Holy Cross - 6'1" - 208 pounds

I watched a lot of "deep sleeper" wide receivers trying to find my favorite guy for this final spot. Jalen Coker beat the others out because of his physicality both in his routes and at the catch point. His long speed isn't great, but he does have some first step explosion to create some seperation and I think he'll be a great special teamer.

So there you have it Chiefs fans, my top 30 wide receiver prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft. I know my takes are a little different, but I'd love to hear your opinions on them. Would you also be in favor of a major trade up for one of the big three prospects? Do you disagree that there aren't any prospects worthy of much of a trade after the big three? Do you disagree with my concerns about Legette, Worthy, Coleman, and Mitchell? Am I too high on Troy Franklin and Javon Baker?

Feel free to share your thoughts with me on X (formerly Twitter) @LyleGraversen.

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