The ultimate wide receiver tiers for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2024 draft

Everyone agrees that the Kansas City Chiefs need to take a wide receiver in the 2024 NFL draft, but here's a comprehensive and different take on who they should target.
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Tier 5: Great Slot Prospects and Developmental Outside Receivers

If the Chiefs don't get a wideout in the first two rounds (or they want to double down at the position) they are going to have to decide if they want a slot receiver who can contribute on day one or a developmental outside receiver who may take a year to get there. Either way, I'd like all these guys in round three for the Chiefs and would love them if they made it to K.C. in round four.

15. Roman Wilson - Michigan - 5'11" - 185 pounds

I really like Roman Wilson's toughness, route running, and hands, but I think he lacks the size and top speed to play outside in the NFL. I think you could plug him into the slot and have a super reliable option from day one.

16. Malik Washington - Virginia - 5'8" - 191 pounds

The difference between Malik Washington and Roman Wilson for me is that Wilson is a little better target down the field than Washington, but Washington is a little better about creating after the catch. They both will be reliable day-one slot receivers.

17. Luke McCaffrey - Rice - 6'1" - 198 pounds

Luke McCaffrey's college tape isn't as good as Wilson's or Washington's, but he's been playing the position for a much shorter time. McCaffrey's size and athleticism give him even more upside and he's already shown very reliable hands. If you're willing to develop him he could end up the best slot receiver of this talented group.

18. Malachi Corley - Western Kentucky - 5'11" - 207 pounds

Malachi Corley is higher on some people's lists because of how great he is after the catch. He is great there, but I've got him lagging behind the three guys ahead of him on this list in terms of his route-running potential and I just value that a little more.

19. Brenden Rice - USC - 6'2" - 208 pounds

If you made me pick one guy in this class that may take a year or two to develop, but eventually becomes a really solid outside starting receiver, I would pick Brenden Rice. He doesn't have any glaring holes in his game, but he'll need to become a more polished route runner to consistently win in the NFL since he doesn't have elite speed or change of direction.

20. Johnny Wilson - Florida State - 6'6" - 231 pounds

Unlike some, I think Johnny Wilson should stay at wide receiver in the NFL. I just don't think he belongs on the outside. I think his best role is as a big slot receiver that can create mismatches underneath and post up any defender you put on him.

21. Jermaine Burton - Alabama - 6'0" - 196 pounds

Talent-wise, Jermaine Burton belongs in tier four of this list, not at the bottom of tier five, but Burton has major character concerns that reportedly have him off of a lot of teams' draft boards. With everything going on with Rashee Rice right now I can't imagine KC would want to target a receiver with character red flags in this draft. He is a fantastic deep-threat outside receiver prospect who would be a great fit schematically with what the Chiefs need if the red flags weren't there.

Finally, let's take a look at the best day three prospects.