Kansas City Chiefs: The most memorable moments from Super Bowl LVIII

The Kansas City Chiefs established themselves as the NFL's new dynasty with a win in Super Bowl LVIII. Here are the most memorable moments from the game.
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Another championship parade will be marching through Kansas City, thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs. The superstars shined brightest when they needed to, while the San Francisco 49ers waned in Super Bowl LVIII. There is no doubt: this is the NFL's new dynasty.

This game had some massive swings, with Kansas City not leading until late. Patrick Mahomes' third Super Bowl is one of the history books, and Chiefs fans will be rewatching this one until the 2024 season starts.

Learn more about some of the game's pivotal moments here, with the best and worst plays by the Chiefs.

Kansas City's best plays in Super Bowl LVIII

Leo Chenal strips CMC

12:23 Q1 - 1st and 10 • SF ball on KC 29
C.McCaffrey rushed right guard to KC 27 for 2 yards. C.McCaffrey FUMBLES, forced by L.Chenal. Fumble RECOVERED by KC-G.Karlaftis at KC 27.

Leo Chenal was all over the field Sunday night, and his first impact play was stripping NFL Offensive Player of the Year running back Christian McCaffrey.

Trent McDuffie breaks up touchdown

15:00 Q2 - 3rd and 14 • SF ball on KC 37

B.Purdy steps back to pass. B.Purdy pass incomplete deep left intended for D.Samuel (T.McDuffie).

Trent McDuffie earned some flowers this season with his First-Team All-Pro nod. But, this play against Deebo Samuel showed how great he is against the pass.

Mecole Hardman catch 52

13:01 Q2 - 1st and 10 • KC ball on KC 39

P.Mahomes pass deep right complete to SF 13. Catch made by M.Hardman at SF 13. Gain of 52 yards. Tackled by J.Brown at SF 9.

The Chiefs trading for the memory of Mecole Hardman has been a net negative but plays like this show what Kansas City needs from the speedster. A mix of luck, skill, and play design made up this massive play.