Hollywood Brown signing had Chiefs Kingdom popping virtual champagne bottles

Chiefs fans either slept easy or partied all night on Thursday.

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On Thursday night, the Kansas City Chiefs made the move everyone has been waiting on: they signed a wide receiver. As it turned out, the Chiefs landed one of the biggest prizes of the offseason at the position in former first-round pick Marquise "Hollywood" Brown and they landed him with a relatively modest bid.

All in a day's work for Brett Veach.

Speaking of both Brown and Veach, it took a matter of seconds for the proverbial champagne bottles to be brought out on social media and the celebration was excessive.

At this point, the acquisition of any wide receiver was at least going to allow Chiefs Kingdom to sleep that much easier after the first few days of free agency. It'd become tough on fans to refresh Twitter (er, X) time and again only to see the likes of Mike Evans, Darnell Mooney, Gabe Davis, Curtis Samuel, and more land with other teams.

Chiefs fans either slept easy or partied all night on Thursday because of the Hollywood Brown signing.

In hindsight, it probably sounds a bit dramatic for Chiefs fans to feel any tension after having watched consecutive Super Bowls, but the pressure is on K.C. this year for that historic three-peat and the fun of being a fan is all about roster construction as well as game results. That's the thrilling part of the offseason.

Back to Brown, the good news is that the Chiefs didn't just settle. They landed a significant prize, a former first-round pick who has generated significant production in years past despite playing in run-first offenses and/or being stuck with some of the league's poorest quarterbacks. Imagine the upgrade going from Clayton Tune to Patrick Mahomes as a wideout.

Brown's new teammates were clearly thrilled with the new addition as well.

Brown made fans swoon shortly after the signing when he hopped on X to say he was going to be hanging on Twitch late if anyone wanted to join him. Then he proceeded to chat with fans and celebrate his new deal by jamming out to the unofficial Chiefs anthem "Swag Surfin" and even some Taylor.

As for Veach, he's been able to bring back most of his defensive core this offseason while landing the big offensive prize. He also kept Drue Tranquill from escaping town, a significant bonus. It's why most fans were hailing him as much as Brown when the signing was made.

Some of the best reactions from Twitter/X:

What should fans expect from Brown when finally given an offense to work like the Chiefs to work within?

This is going to be tough for some contenders in particular to swallow.