Patrick Mahomes could be the NFL’s first $200 million man

The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to make some high profile moves over the course of the next two off-seasons, one of which being extending quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

WIth several massive deals poised to come over the next two seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the biggest will go to quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes, who had arguably one of the best seasons in NFL history for a quarterback and certainly the best season in franchise history, is expected to sign a massive contract some time after the conclusion of the 2019 season. That’s because, after next year, Mahomes will be eligible to sign an extension.

The deal is expected to be the biggest deal in league history, and according to sources (first reported by Adam Schefter, senior writer for ESPN), and could make Mahomes the NFL’s first $200 million player. You read that right: $200,000,000. The length of any deal is unknown, but it seems guaranteed money is becoming more important to players as the NFL molds itself into a new era.

The cap room for all teams is expected to increase by more than $10 million in the 2019 season, giving clubs around $187 million to $191.1 million in salary cap. Since 2014, the salary cap has grown 40 percent, which is substantial. It gives teams more to work with, but in the same instance, players will want more money as the NFL economy grows.

Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s per-year leader in contract size when he signed a 4-year, $134 million deal last August. The average of $33.5 million is high but the contract length isn’t as long as something Mahomes would likely sign—which could conceivably hit six to eight years. Again, Mahomes’ deal will set new marks, perhaps even in time commitment.

As of now, the NFL lags behind both Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association when it comes to crossing the $200 million threshold. The NBA has 3 players making $200 million in James Harden, Russ Westbrook and Steph Curry and that will become normalized with each new offseason as stars’ contracts expire. As for baseball, $200 has long been a milestone of the past, with 11 players in MLB history having signed such lucrative deals. In fact, Giancarlo Stanton has created a new level at the $300 million mark in his recent deal with the New York Yankees.

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