Dave Toub’s lack of head coach interviews is startling

The lack of head coaching interviews for Dave Toub at this point is startling, especially given the number of openings around the NFL.

Right now there are eight head coach openings in the National Football League. Each of those teams has a list of persons they are expected to interview, and while a number of names will overlap on several lists, the reality is that two or three dozen names are likely going to be linked to one team or another—even just in passing as a guess by an NFL analyst.

If this is true, then why aren’t we hearing about Dave Toub?

Dave Toub is the Kansas City Chiefs special teams coach, a position he’s held for the last six seasons. His units are always ranked at or near the top of the NFL every season, and he was known as an excellent coach well before he even arrived on Andy Reid’s staff. His attention to detail, eye for talent (Harrison Butker), ability to adapt and penchant for limiting mistakes should have garnered him a head coaching opportunity years ago.

If anything, this year seemed like the perfect opportunity for four primary reasons:

  1. Toub has already earned a number of head coaching interviews before now over the years as teams looked outside the traditional box of offensive and defensive coordinators. The Dolphins, Chargers, and Broncos are three teams who have given him looks in the past, so the idea of Toub as HC is not far-fetched.
  2. The number of openings, as we’ve already mentioned, is large in number. A lot of teams are looking for answers this year which should work in Toub’s favor.
  3. The well is relatively dry in other places. There is no hot college coach coming into the league, which means a lot of recycled former coaches and questionable coordinators are getting looks. Even Hue Jackson got an interview in Cincy, for crying out loud.
  4. Andy Reid’s coaching tree is a red-hot commodity. We’ve already written about this subject extensively here.

So if supply is down and demand is up, how in the world is Dave Toub getting passed over? Eric Bieniemy, the Chiefs offensive coordinator, has garnered interest from five teams. Toub coaches for the same team, comes from the same winning culture, has far more experience and connections, and comes with a more impressive track record. And somehow that combination is generating, well, nothing.

It’s understandable if teams are leery of hiring a special teams coach. It’s rarely done and few in the NFL are willing to be original in what’s known as a copycat league. But there should at least be a few teams kicking the tires to at least see what Toub might have to say about their current predicament. As of now, it’s a total mystery why a perfectly suitable candidate is being passed over at an opportune time.