Kansas City Chiefs injury report is one giant seesaw of emotions

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 27: Outside linebacker Justin Houston
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 27: Outside linebacker Justin Houston /

The Kansas City Chiefs have a lengthy injury report that could mean a lot of good things overall—or an entirely different outcome.

The Kansas City Chiefs are fairly fortunate in the way the schedule has fallen in line with their current injury list as the NFL heads into Week 10. While the team is pretty banged up with a lengthy injury report, the reality is that they shouldn’t have to be at full strength in order to defeat their upcoming opponent, the Arizona Cardinals.

The Chiefs host the Cardinals on Sunday in a game that pits perhaps the best overall team in the National Football League through nine weeks against the weakest one. The Chiefs are 8-1 and the class of the league in terms of offensive firepower, setting new records with each passing game. The Cardinals, on the other hand, look like a mismanaged team that wasted a perfectly good opportunity to sell at the trade deadline.

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Fortunately even a Chiefs team struggling with injury concerns should still be favored by several points. That doesn’t mean, however, that this week’s injury report isn’t a confusing list that will make you either miserably depressed or mildly excited.

Basically here’s how it reads:

That’s a lot of defensive star power, offensive help and serious depth all on the fence. If the Chiefs are able to get some of these faces back in the line-up, especially those missing for several weeks now, a team that’s already dominating opponents could start to look Lombardi-ready real quick. Then again, if players are already hurting this much, it makes it that much easier to get injured even further if they try to play too early.

One example here is Anthony Hitchens, who was signed to be a key cog in the heart of the defense. The more he’s able to feel at home in Bob Sutton’s defensive schemes, the more of an impact he’s going to make because the game will become less cerebral and more instinctive. Yet he’s dealing with seriously bruised ribs. How can those heal when every seven days, he’s delivering more hits? Even if he technically could play doesn’t necessarily mean that he should.

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As the Chiefs gear up for this week as well as next week’s Monday Night Football showdown against the L.A. Rams, there’s a lot to consider in terms of player availability. The Rams game is being billed as perhaps the single most anticipated game of the entire regular season, but the Chiefs have a bye week afterward as well as the stretch run coming up for No. 1 overall seed in the AFC. Should they just play it safe and rest their guys in order to think long-term?