How Patrick Mahomes could replace Tony the Tiger on cereal boxes

CINCINNATI, OH - AUGUST 19: Patrick Mahomes
CINCINNATI, OH - AUGUST 19: Patrick Mahomes /

According to Leigh Steiberg, Patrick Mahomes’ agent, the popular Chiefs quarterback will look at a number of endorsements after the season.

Patrick Mahomes is the single biggest story in the single biggest sport in America. Yet for personal reasons, he’s not yet willing to embrace the fame that comes with being the hottest young quarterback in the National Football League.

Mahomes was already eschewing endorsements during his rookie season so as not to distract from the Kansas City Chiefs in any way. As a backup, he felt it was responsible to remain in the shadows and learn for a full year behind Alex Smith as Andy Reid and the coaching staff developed him over time.

Now, however, the Chiefs have cleared the way for Mahomes to step into the spotlight, and on the field at least, the 23-year-old has taken full advantage of his moment. Through three games, he’s set an NFL record for most touchdowns in that span (13) without throwing a single interception. He’s helped the Chiefs overcome a league-worst defense to remain unbeaten—one of only a few left in the league, and he and his teammates already enjoy a full game lead in the division without even flipping the calendar to October just yet.

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If you’re wondering when and if Mahomes will ever embrace the role on a larger cultural level, his agent Leigh Steinberg says that day is coming. In an interview with TMZ, Steinberg described the strategy that’s developed between the young frontrunner for NFL MVP and his representation:

"He’s got a pleasing personality. He’s charismatic. But we’re being very, very careful to allow this season to proceed without his face on every billboard, without creating a situation where he throws the first interception and people are saying, ‘Well, why’s he on every billboard?’ We’re keeping it low key. Once the season is successfully over, then we’ll go into marketing in a lot of different brand categories."

Mahomes has already agreed to a few endorsements, ones that Steinberg calls “low-key”, but he admitted he got a call about launching a cereal brand recently and said the days of high-profile deals are coming soon.

"I had a cereal company call me to do a type of Patrick flakes the other day. We’re getting the calls and we’ve done a few lower-key deals … but wait until the season’s over so we keep the pressure off of him. He’s going to lead with charitable and community projects at his high school, college and professional level that are good for the fans."

When specifically asked about the cereal and whether or not it was Wheaties where Mahomes would be on the cover, Steinberg actually said it would be its own brand. What would that mean? Mahomes Flakes? Patrick Pieces? Air Raid with Raisins?

"He loves Frosted Flakes so it may be a cereal like that, but it will be branded with Patrick’s name and likeness and will plug into his charitable foundation."

No matter where his face ends up on billboards, commercials or packaging, it’s exceptional to see that Mahomes and those advising him are always thinking about the bigger picture first and foremost and making sure the team, and his role within it, is kept in that perspective.