Chris Jones deserves more attention as the Chiefs defensive anchor

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Defensive end Chris Jones
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Defensive end Chris Jones /

Chris Jones deserves more notoriety than he’s received during his first two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chris Jones deserves more hype.

That’s literally the very purpose of the latest column from Doug Farrar over at Bleacher Report, but it’s also a statement we’d make any day of the week. Lately Farrar included Jones on his list of players who warrant more hype entering this coming season and deservedly so. The Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle has been a well-rounded force in the middle of the defensive line when it’s hard to find even someone dominant in one category.

"“In just two NFL seasons, Jones has become one of the league’s most exciting, complete defensive linemen.”"

Farrar is right. Jones is the real deal a player whose ceiling escapes us to this point. It’s possible he continues to climb to elite status, even this year, and yet he remains under the radar for most NFL fans and even within Chiefs Kingdom.

Last season, Jones had 6.5 sacks and 4 forced fumble for the Chiefs, a sign of just how disruptive Jones can be forcing his way into the pocket or backfield from the heart of the defensive line. Jones is also versatile enough to move around as Bob Sutton would like, able to stuff the run just as well as he can make short work of an offensive front in order to force out the passer.

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Jones even has great instincts for the ball as the passer is trying to make quick decisions. Jones had an interception, his first, last season and 7 total passes defended, showing off good awareness at the line and a tendency to make plays on the ball even when it’s already been released.

Somehow Jones continues to remain under-appreciated even within Chiefs Kingdom. Despite being an engaging personality, a fun interview and active in the community, fans are quick to bring up Eric Berry and Justin Houston as the team’s defensive heroes. The defensive line is often ignored as a strength despite employing one of the league’s great players there.

What is also hurting Jones’s overall notoriety is the lack of any real national attention. Despite the number of analysts pointing at Jones saying, “This guy is great,” there’s never been any real official accolades come his way. Pro Football Focus can cite whatever metrics they want, but until he’s mentioned as a Pro Bowler, Jones will likely remain on a tier below what he really deserves.

According to PFF, Jones has 80 total quarterback pressures in his first 32 games in the NFL. That means several times each game, Jones is single-handedly altering the opposition’s plans on offense—disrupting the passing lane, stopping the run, getting his hands in the way, sacking the quarterback. That’s an elite player.

Wait, that’s an elite young player who is only going to get better.

They say the cream eventually rises to the top, so here’s hoping this is the year people really begin to notice Jones’s greatness. It’s certainly not a secret to any opposing quarterback.