Chiefs rumors: Could Brent Celek reunite with Andy Reid?


Mike Silver believes that the Kansas City Chiefs could be interested in Brent Celek as a free agent tight end, which makes sense given Andy Reid’s history.

A man who pledged that he would never stop living in Philadelphia might at least make a temporary home for himself in Kansas City if Mike Silver is correct. The NFL analyst says he expects the Chiefs to be interested in potentially adding Brent Celek.

Celek, the longtime Eagles tight end, was released this week after an incredible 11-year career with the team, and Celek was quite effusive in his praise for the franchise and its fan base as he left. However, he’s still not ready to retire, which means, for the first time since he was drafted in 2007, Celek will check out other options.

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As Silver notes, the Detroit Lions are the only official action here, and the idea of the Chiefs is just that—not even a rumor. Still it makes quite a bit of sense. The Chiefs have turned over the bottom part of the depth chart at tight end in recent months with the release of Ross Travis and the addition of Orson Charles.

Even more, Demetrius Harris, the No. 2 tight end, has been handed down some jail time due to a felony charge of marijuana possession from last spring and could face a potential suspension. Given a history with drops, perhaps the Chiefs might want to move on from Harris if the price was right.

The reason Celek makes sense here, even if the Chiefs have to make room for him, is because Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was Celek’s head coach in Philly from 2007-2012. In fact, four of Celek’s five most productive seasons (and his top three, for sure) were all under Reid’s tenure. If the Chiefs wanted to add a seasoned veteran with Super Bowl experience, Celek would be an interesting consideration.

Still at this point, that’s all it is. Expect little smoke here until any official visit is scheduled. Silver is just connecting some obvious dots, which is fine. It even makes sense in some ways, but given the Chiefs cap constraints and other needs, the price would have to be right for a reunion to take place.