Marcus Peters came back strong after one week suspension

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters /

The Kansas City Chiefs struggled to control Marcus Peters throughout the season resulting in a one-game suspension. It seemed to pay off.

The 2017 regular season was a tough one for star cornerback Marcus Peters. The defense took a huge toll in week one losing their Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry. For Peters, it was an even bigger loss. He lost his friend and leader on the defense that he went to when frustrated.

Like the rest of the defense, Peters began having issues as the season went on only his issues were his attitude and lashing out. The standout corner had multiple issues consisting of penalties, words with fans, and lashing out at coaches. Without Berry on the sidelines, it seemed Peters couldn’t be controlled.

The Chiefs derailed after their 5-0 start to the season following with losing six of seven games. By the end of it in week 13, Peters went off the deep end. In a difficult loss to swallow against the New York Jets, Peters threw an official’s flag into the stands, left the field for the locker room, then returned without his socks. Later reports came out that he was in a verbal altercation with a coach on the way to the airport.

Head coach Andy Reid and the Chiefs organization decided to suspend Peters for one week with no pay starting the next day. He also received a fine from the NFL for $24,309 for unsportsmanlike conduct. With the state the Chiefs were already in finding themselves at .500, having their star corner out for a game didn’t seem helpful by any means.

Fans reacted on social media to the outbursts of Peters following the suspension. Many fans wanted Peters gone after the season and expressed their frustrations with his lack of play in 2017. Even though the whole defense has issues, Peters outbursts made him an easy target for fans.

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The two time Pro Bowler expressed his apologies following the suspension and came back looking like his previous self. The whole defense played with a new fire starting in week 14 when he was suspended. Peters came back the next week and it was back to shutting down his side of the field. The turnovers started to come back and the team was playing with more aggression that we hadn’t seen all season.

The last three games of the season, not including week 17 when most starters were benched, Peters ended with five forced turnovers. It started in the game against the Los Angeles Chargers when Peters walked away with two interceptions, three passes deflected, and one forced fumble. He had as many interceptions as he had combined in the first 13 weeks.

The 2015 first round draft pick got back to shutting down his side not only with forced turnovers but great coverage. Allowing only 8 receptions in the last 3 games including playoffs for 91 yards and 0 touchdowns. He was much more aggressive attacking ball carriers. There was no question of his effort after the suspension.

During the last three games, he changed the minds of many that wanted him gone and showed why the Chiefs should keep him around. He was even seen hugging an official during the playoff game against the Tennessee Titans.

Peters is now eligible this offseason to sign an early contract extension and with quarterback Alex Smith likely being gone along with a couple other veterans, the money will be there. With Berry coming back next season and the leadership being there for Peters, this could be the best time to sign him to an extension with money up front while rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on his rookie deal.

Peters is the only definite outside cornerback on whom the Chiefs can rely. Yes, he has some attitude issues that will need to be addressed from time to time, but his talent makes the extra work worth it. In fact, the defense could use some attitude as they have played much of the season without any kind of aggression or fire. Maybe a little attitude that can be controlled is exactly what they need.