Did the Chiefs wait too long to punish Marcus Peters?

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters /

The Kansas City Chiefs team has lacked any kind of real discipline this season and it shows on the field. Is this suspension too late?

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Wednesday that head coach Andy Reid would be suspending cornerback Marcus Peters for his actions in the 38-31 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. Peters, who threw an official’s flag into the stands and left for the locker room, will also not practice with the team and lose a week pay.

While Peters lashing out is not the only problem that needs discipline, it’s the biggest sign of losing control. Reid has always tried to keep things in-house and out of the media but it isn’t working. Reid’s talking behind closed doors one on one without any real discipline is not getting through to the players and this is a prime example.

The Chiefs should’ve disciplined Peters earlier in the season. Reid said that he addressed issues like the exchange of words with fans in week 5 or the tantrum on the sideline and lashing out at defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. He’s also been fined for the hit on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and dunking the ball over the crossbar following a touchdown.

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There was an incident in week 3 against the Los Angeles Chargers where Peters drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and players of the defense had to get in his face to calm him down and set him straight. The fact it has taken till this incident to see any kind of real discipline is a huge problem in my opinion. The coaching staff waited way too long to put their foot down and say they’ve had enough.

Reid knew what he was getting into when he drafted Peters as he was dismissed from the University of Washington for disagreements at practice between Peters and assistant coaches. It’s no secret that Reid preaches for players to be themselves on the field. The problem is when players cross the line with those emotions, Reid has failed to act harshly enough to negate it from becoming a further issue.

You might remember tight end Travis Kelce and the penalties he was drawing earlier in the season. Kelce has turned it around without his celebrations or pushes after the play, but still shows signs of a lack of discipline. The lack of effort after a late-game interception against the Buffalo Bills was a good example that there is no discipline or drive.

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This will be a true test for not only Peters but the whole team to see how they react to the punishment. Will he take it as an eye opener and realization that he is letting his team down by lashing out getting him benched for a game, or will it just further his frustration? Reid refused to address the tweet sent out by Peters on Tuesday afternoon that just said “lol” regarding if it was about the suspension.

Peters has every right to be frustrated as the defense has really struggled in numerous games this season but the way he is channeling it is the problem. Drawing additional penalties and voicing his frustration to the wrong people is not the way to go about it. Hopefully, this suspension will be an eye-opener for him and he can get back to being a big-time playmaker. The fire from his emotions just needs to be channeled into his play and not between plays.