Don’t throw the Kansas City Chiefs season away just yet

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The Kansas City Chiefs have looked BAD over the last two weeks. But if recent NFL history has taught us anything, it’s never over till it’s over.

I initially was going to write some big pro/con review of Alex Smith vs Patrick Mahomes, perhaps discussing the offense’s ineptitude as a whole. Though, as seemingly every writer in the Kansas City area has taken this approach, I decided to go a different route.

Instead I compiled some stats from every Super Bowl winner since 2000. Tracking offensive and defensive rankings, as well as loosing streaks and poor performances throughout the season. The result? Well, the Kansas City Chiefs might not be in as bad of shape as you think. Lets take a look at those stats from the past 17 Super Bowl winners.

2000 Ravens: Offense 14th, Defense 1st. Had a three game losing streak in which they scored three, six, and six points. Final record: 12-4

2001 Patriots: Offense 6th, Defense 6th. Lost 3 of 4 at one point. Final record: 11-5

2002 Buccaneers: Offense 18th, Defense 1st. This team had no loosing streaks. Final record: 12-4

2003 Patriots: Offense 12th, Defense 1st. They lost a game 31-0 so, there’s that. Final record: 14-2

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2004 Patriots: Offense 4th, Defense 2nd. They were dominant. Final record: 14-2

2005 Steelers: Offense 9th, Defense 3rd. Had a three game losing streak in which they were out scored 80-51. Final record: 11-5

2006 Colts. Offense 2nd, Defense 23rd. Lost four of seven to end season, failed to top 17 points in three of those losses. Final record: 12-4

2007 Giants: Offense 14th, Defense 17th. Sputtered down the stretch after starting 6-2. Final record: 10-6

2008 Steelers: Offense 20th, Defense 1st. Failed to top 20 points in each of their four losses. Final record: 12-4

2009 Saints: Offense 1st, Defense 20th. Ended the season on a three game losing streak. Final record: 13-3

2010 Packers: Offense 10th, Defense 2nd. Had two different stretches where they lost three of four. Entered post-season as a Wild Card. Final record: 10-6

2011 Giants: Offense 9th, Defense 25th. Lost four of five in weeks 10-15. Didn’t eclipse 20 points in three of those losses. Final record: 9-7

2012 Ravens: Offense 10th, Defense 12th. Lost four of five to end season. Only scored 9 points on 2-14 Chiefs. Final record: 10-6

2013 Seahawks: Offense 8th, Defense 1st. This was a very well balanced team. Final record: 13-3

2014 Patriots: Offense 4th, Defense 8th. Were blown out by the 8-8 Dolphins, and shellacked by the 9-7 Chiefs.

2015 Broncos: Offense 14th, Defense 1st. Struggled down the stretch after starting 7-0, including a blow-out loss at home to the Chiefs. Final record 12-4

2016 Patriots: Offense 3rd, Defense 1st. This was a great team. Final record: 12-4

The Chiefs currently have the 7th ranked offense, and 14th ranked defense.

Ok, I know that is a lot to sort through. The common theme among Super Bowl winners seems to be that you need a top five offense or defense, and be top ten on the other side of the ball. Thirteen of the past seventeen Super Bowl winners were top five on at least one side of the ball.

There are however some exceptions to that rule. For example, the 2012 Ravens, 2011 Giants, 2007 Giants, and 2001 Patriots all bear a striking resemblance to the 2017 Chiefs. None of those teams were what you would consider “Great” or at times, even good, at any one thing. Each of them endured loosing streaks in which they put out some ugly performances. These teams didn’t fix their problems in the regular season either, as they all entered the post-season playing bad football.

Some of these teams, such as the 2011 Packers, did not even win their division. In fact, seven of these seventeen teams reached the Super Bowl after having to play in the Wild Card round.

The takeaway for Chiefs fans is that a good team who plays really bad football at some point in the season can still compete, and win, in January.

What does all of this mean? Well, that is a good question. I didn’t write this article because I have come up with a potion to fix the Chiefs. That one is on Andy Reid. The takeaway for Chiefs fans is that a good team who plays really bad football at some point in the season can still compete, and win, in January. Is it likely? Maybe not. But it has happened more than you realize.

Chiefs fans as a whole have been miserable as of late. My hope is that we can calm down and enjoy the last five weeks of the season. It is worth pointing out that the Chiefs got in this mess over a five game stretch, who’s to say they can’t work their way out of it over the next five?

The same 53 men who spanked the Patriots and handily beat the Eagles in back-to-back weeks are still on this roster. Try to enjoy the last few weeks of football we have left, and don’t give up on this team just yet.