Chiefs should have “high level of panic” if they lose to Bills


The MMQB recently posted a panic list for the NFL and how teams should respond if they lose another game. The Chiefs can ill afford a loss.

Conor Orr titled it the “NFL panic meter.” In his most recent column over at Monday Morning Quarterback, Orr listed out several NFL teams and rated their suggested level of panic if they happen to lose another game.

There are several middling teams at this point in both the AFC and NFC, which means each loss only further complicates the playoff picture. In the AFC, where the Kansas City Chiefs are hoping to make noise despite losing four of their last five games, the postseason puzzle could become a jumbled mess with another loss, especially this weekend to the Buffalo Bills. Orr writes:

"While the AFC West is still sleeping behind them, a loss to the free-falling Bills on Sunday would mark five losses in six games and two straight losses to inferior opponents. Will the Giants game serve as a wake up call for Andy Reid and Co? Because the Chargers just put up a 50-spot on Buffalo last weekend and look to be stirring."

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The Chiefs definitely would enjoy a win at this point to turn the tide of the last month or more. The Chiefs should be running away with the AFC West, a division without a single winning team other than Kansas City, and Andy Reid should have a three or even four game lead at this point. Instead the Chiefs are down to two and the Chargers actually look like the most playoff-ready team of the bunch—and they have four total wins on the year.

If the Chiefs lose again and still have to face each and every divisional foe down the stretch, they’re going to have a serious issue staying on top. For a team that was once the class of the NFL and the last unbeaten team in the league, another loss could eventually lead to one of the biggest freefalls in franchise history.