NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs have beat top 2 teams in Eagles, Patriots

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Kareem Hunt
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Kareem Hunt /

The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked No. 7 overall in the latest Monday Morning Quarterback power rankings, despite the fact that they’ve beaten the top 2 teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs may have peaked early. It’s entirely possible. Then again, it’s hard not to come down just a bit after a team takes out the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in back to back weeks to open the NFL season.

Since defeating the two teams believed to be the NFL’s best in a one-two punch to open the season, the Chiefs have gone 4-3, including a current skid having lost three of their last four games. After such a strong opening in 2017, the Chiefs have faded from their early showing as the NFL’s last unbeaten team and are now fighting to even have a first round bye in the AFC.

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The latest Monday Morning Quarterback NFL power rankings have given the Chiefs the No. 7 overall spot, a pretty fair determination of their abilities. The position keeps them along the upper echelon in the NFL showing their ceiling but they’ve also slid from the top spot to the top three to the top five and now just solidly in the top 10. In other words, these Chiefs are trending backwards ever so slowly with each passing week.

Of course, the Chiefs now have seven more games in which to show what they can do, beginning this week against a New York Giants team that has a single win to their credit. The Giants cannot shake the drama and questions concerning their future, with reporters wondering if Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning will be around next year as head coach and quarterback, respectively. That should give the Chiefs a nice teeing off point coming out of the bye.

Ultimately if the Chiefs want the respect that comes with beating the Eagles and Patriots, they’re going to have to be able to also put away teams like the Raiders and Steelers. Until then, they’ll likely make most people believe they’re pretenders not to be taken seriously when it really counts—just like many fans already believe.