Red Friday Report: Thoughts on the Eagles, Dee Ford and more

Happy Red Friday Addicts! I have some thoughts about Eric Berry for you, plus a potential trade fix for the recent defensive shortcomings.

This Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs will face Andy Reid’s old team, the Philadelphia Eagles, at home. This game looks to be a good one, too. Perhaps nothing like the game against the New England Patriots, but it will be a thriller nonetheless.

Eric Berry’s injury is going to hurt; there is no doubt there. However, unlike previous times that we have gone without, the team has a better safety net back there. Pardon the expression. Check out these pieces here and here for some thought provoking words and perhaps reassurance that the defense will survive.

There will be another interesting match-up to watch this Sunday—that being Alex Smith and Carson Wentz. After an absolutely stunning game last week, can Smith keep that momentum going and out-perform Wentz as well? Wentz has a ton of talent and has proven a good quarterback for the Eagles. This will be a fun game to watch with those two playing.

Also, let’s keep our eyes on Kareem Hunt. After his breakout first game, the Chiefs running back looks ready to carry a significant load for the season. Can he repeat his success and keep putting up big games? Sunday will be a nice test, and I am excited to see him hit the field again.

The Dee Ford saga continues

Last season gave me so much hope for Ford. Starting off with 10 sacks and cementing as the league-leading sack master for a couple weeks running was great to watch. Then, he hit a brick wall and sputtered out. Justin Houston came back to take his rightful place and that was the end of that story. The next chapter was presumed to begin either this season or next with Tamba Hali possibly getting cut or retiring. Ford was then to take Hali’s place and bring the defense up a notch. That didn’t happen however.

Ford walked into the Pats game and stunk it up. Houston took a bit to get into gear, but he at least turned it up where Ford didn’t. It really is a shame. A first round pick was used on Ford and he flashed some insane potential last season, but it may be fated for him to remain as a Chief for much longer. Speaking of players who may not be around for long….

Phillip Gaines’ lost glory

When Gaines first took the field awhile back, I looked at my friend and said “You know, this guy might be okay.” He agreed but responded, “Or he very well could be a second Marcus Cooper.” He called it. Gaines started off decently, and it seemed he would be in the lineup for awhile.

However, last season and bleeding into this season, Gaines has been very subpar. Some might say abysmal. He has fallen from his short-lived glory days and shows no signs of regaining what was lost. The resurgence of Terrance Mitchell also puts a damper on things with Gaines.

With Berry hurt, and Gaines struggling, what can be done to patch the holes and help the defense along a bit?

A trade solution

This idea was proposed to me in conversation with a friend the other day. We were discussing the lackluster play of Gaines and Ford and a clever trade idea was born.

Trade Ford and Gaines, maybe sweeten the deal with a draft pick, for Pernell McPhee of the Chicago Bears. Take a look at this piece over at Pro Football Focus on him. While that article talks specifically about an injury, it does include some very interesting stats for our trade target here. The Bears don’t run the same defense as the Chiefs, but McPhee seems like an intelligent and hard working man. Through his career, McPhee has been an above average pass rusher, with the capstone there being the 2015 season when he was outclassing our own pass rushing beast, Justin Houston.

Supposing the Bears take the trade, the defense would be ditching a liability at cornerback and linebacker and turning linebacker into a fierce quarterback slaying machine. The matter of the now admittedly bigger gap in the secondary must be addressed. Perhaps Ron Parker could slide back over to corner from safety. That would leave Eric Murray and Daniel “The Stormin’ Mormon” Sorenson to play at the two safety spots. GIven what we lose and gain from it, could anyone really turn this down if the Bears take the bait?

One way or another, the holes on the defense will be filled. Our Chiefs will go on to win more games and deliver us an exciting season. What do you think Addicts? Does that trade idea sound good? Would you make that call assuming the Bears take it? What would you do to fix the defense up? Thanks for reading and Go Chiefs!

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