Joe McKnight’s accused murderer had road rage history


The alleged killer of Joe McKnight after a road rage incident is being accused of having a history of the same.

Ronald Gasser, the accused murder of former Kansas City Chiefs player Joe McKnight, reportedly has a history of road rage, at least according to one incident on record with the police from a decade ago that happened at the exact same spot where the defendant gunned down McKnight.

In 2006, Gasser was arrested and charged for an incident in which he tracked down someone who complained about his driving behavior and punched them several times in the head. Per the New Orleans Advocate:

"In the earlier case, Gasser was accused of using his work truck to cut off another motorist, who called a number on the side of Gasser’s truck to complain. The motorist was unexpectedly connected to Gasser, who managed to spot the motorist on the road and followed him to a service station at the same corner where McKnight would be gunned down years later."

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Gasser is being charged with the murder of McKnight after the two had some sort of conflict while driving their vehicles, which culminated in a confrontation wherein McKnight was shot. McKnight reportedly exited his car to confront Gasser when he was shot three times in the middle of the afternoon in what has been called a road rage incident. Gasser was eventually charged and indicted for manslaughter and then second degree murder.

McKnight died at the age of 28 and played four seasons in the NFL after playing college football at the University of Southern California. He played three years with the New York Jets and his final season with the Chiefs.