AA Mock Draft: Andy Reid’s offense takes over

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Since even before the beginning of the Dorsey/Reid regime, the Kansas City Chiefs have been a defensive-minded team.  In fact, for most of the team’s history that has been the case.  Some say that way of playing is outdated. Some point to the recent successes of defensive teams. Some just let their opinions change week to week depending on the final score.

Me? I believe you can win with just about any style of football as long as it is executed correctly by quality players. But as far as the Chiefs are concerned in the here and now…yeah, I’d have to say that building around the defense is still the smart move.

But I don’t run this team.

It is wholly possible that Andy Reid is ready to take this squad in a new direction.  In fact, I would almost wonder if that isn’t exactly what he’s thinking right now.  I mean, let’s face it, Reid has made his name in the NFL based on the successes of his offense.  Not that he’s been opposed to fielding a good defense, but it his vaunted West Coast Offense that had Chiefs Kingdom really excited.  And, truth be told, we really haven’t gotten exactly what we expected.  So maybe in a year where the futures of so many of our defensive stars are in doubt, we’ll finally see Andy Reid get aggressive in building a juggernaut offense.

Understand of course, that this would require some Free Agency help as well.  So some imagination may be required on the part of you, the reader.

For those of you looking to do your own research, here are some excellent resources, including a site where you can run your own mock draft simulation:




I invite everyone to offer up their opinions own mocks in the comments section.  Mock drafts are meant for interaction and discussion.  There are still plenty of players I need to study up on, so I’m sure I have missed more than a few that other people are interested in.

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