Would You Could You? Chiefs Fans PART I

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It’s time again to play… Would You Could You? Chiefs Fans

Like any other fan in the Addict, I dream dreams for the Chiefs of free agent super signing sessions and offseason dream drafts coming true simply because I once wished upon a star. I also day dream of dominating defensive designs dancing in my head, producing a plethora of endless little zeros followed by… more zeros.

Yes, I have spent a lot of time in the land of “What if?” Like, I used to think about… what if the Chiefs hadn’t drafted Todd Blackledge… they could have had Jim Kelly 8 picks later. Instead of Ryan Sims… they could have had Dwight Freeney. And, instead of CB Julian Battle… they could have had QB Seneca Wallace. Uhhh… I recognize that sometimes dreaming is magic… other times… not so much.

Now, my “what-iffing” is all about the Chiefs immediate future. Year? 2016! So, let’s play…

Would You? Could You?

Would you, could you… trade Eric Berry for a draft pick?

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There’s been some discussion about whether or not the Chiefs will be able to re-sign Safety Eric Berry with all the other Chiefs who are needing to be re-signed as well. Perhaps the answer is not so much to let him walk, but to do a sign-and-trade. Berry should be willing to do this to help the team out while he may also realize that K.C. isn’t in a position to be paying top dollar to a safety… no matter who that safety is. /

I doubt that Berry could fetch a first round pick in a trade but, if it was a second round pick, you’d have to think that’s a doable deal.

Joel Corry, a CBS Sports and National Football Post cap analyst, and former NFL agent, said this week,

"“Although Berry’s rookie deal paid him like a top safety, I expect him to try to top Earl Thomas and Devan McCourty (10M avg/28.5M GTD).”"

Now, I can’t think of anyone here who really wants Eric Berry to be traded. Also, I haven’t heard of anyone in the organization talking trade, so I have no idea if this even being considered. However, it may be the lesser of two evils because if the Chiefs won’t sign him, they’ll have to allow another team to sign him for what will likely be a max deal and then K.C. is stuck with a 3rd round compensatory pick… next off-season.

Instead of having to wait a year… and with the possibility of getting a second round pick this year… I’d be inclined to at least consider the alternative.

Would you, could you… project the Kansas City Chiefs as the early favorite to win the AFC West in 2016?

You may have overheard Peyton Manning whispering “This may be my last rodeo” to Bill Belichick following the AFC Championship game. If the Denver Broncos move on from the legendary quarterback I see no reason why the Chiefs shouldn’t be in the AFC West championship conversation.

In fact, even if Mr. Manning returns, the Chiefs defense should be able to eat up the Broncos passing game again as it clearly looks like the aging superstar has lost a step and a half.

If Manning is not there, even if Brock Osweiler turns out to be a star, it should take him a couple of seasons to find himself. In the meantime the Chiefs will have won a championship or two by then.

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