Would You Could You? Chiefs Fans PART I

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Cam Newton-  Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
Cam Newton-  Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports /

Would you… could you… agree that it was a Peter “King Kong” sized gaff when the Monday Morning Quarterback went so far as to ask the rhetorical headline question: “Cam Newton: Today’s Elway?

What? Because John Elway was a QB who could run and Cam Newton can run too… Peter King of SportsIllustrated.com thinks Cam Newton is the new John Elway? These two players could not be more different. Admittedly, both QBs have been known to play with reckless abandon while using their legs to get out of tight jams… but the likeness stops cold right there.

Look at their stats:

John Elway rushed for 3,407 yards in a 16 year career.

Cam Newton has rushed for 3,207 in 4 years.

Elway threw for over 4,000 yards once in his career.

Newton did that as a rookie.

Based on those stats, Cam Newton is Superman and John Elway is Batman… no, make that Batman’s butler. What’s his name? Alfred Pennyworth?

Then of course there’s the personality difference. Elway is all business and offers up his occasional goofy-toofy pearly-whites while Newton flashes that great grand grin 24/7. Cam Newton is more like Magic Johnson… whose persona is charming and disarming. If you want a more up to date comparison it would be Steph Curry… charismatic and talented like no other.

How about their game faces? Elway played with skill and intellect plus he had great focus and a measured amount of desperation… while Newton is massively talented, determined, and caught up in the present moment. He may celebrate more than some are comfortable with but how can you not love his football gifts to children following each and every touchdown. Does that remind you of Elway? No? Me either.

Okay, so you know I have to play the “Race” card. Right? Elway ran a 4.6 second 40 yard dash and Newton a 4.59 (see what I did there?). On a race related topic: “People are afraid of difference, it’s the same everywhere.” You can quote me on that.

I’m not sure how it all started, this comparison of players game that we all seem to get caught up in. Having said that, Cam Newton reminds me more of… Joe Namath’s arm and gregarious popularity… Randall Cunningham’s mobility (I used to go nuts watching him leap over defensive players)… and Joe Montana’s vision and decision making. I think when all is said and done, Cam Newton has a chance to be the best quarterback who’s ever pulled on a jersey at any level. Right now, that guy is Joe Montana to me. If Newton nails a couple of Super Bowl wins…………..

While I revere Peter King’s work, I think this may have been the case of over-reaching and overstating, in order to get headlines the week before a Super Bowl week.

Would you, could you… draft wide receiver Leonte Carroo?

Leonte Carroo is 5-foot-11-and-7/8 and 217 lbs senior who has been a productive wideout for Rutgers University for the past three years. He rolled his ankle during Senior Bowl week practice this week so you won’t get to see him in the Senior Bowl later today. However, it’s only a low ankle sprain and he will be ready for the combine in a few weeks.

I came upon Carroo while researching wide receivers recently and I’ve come to believe he’s currently undervalued by most teams. Most ranking services have him lower than I would rate him. Not being able to show his abilities at the Senior Bowl should prolong that low value rating. However, he is a good one and someone who I believe could eventually be Jeremy Maclin’s equal. In a system like Andy Reid’s, having two productive wide receivers on the outside can turn the Chiefs offense into a dynamic one.

Andy Reid had the 9th and 13th best passing offenses in 2012 and 2013 respectively… years when he had both Jeremy Maclin (859, 857) and DeSean Jackson (961, 700) who could threaten from anywhere on the field.

Finding value at wide receiver is going to be a priority in this draft. No matter what your take is on Albert Wilson or Chris Conley, the Chiefs must use a draft that is strong and deep in wide receivers to restock the shelves. In fact, I’m hoping the Chiefs treat wide receivers in this draft like survival food. Fill the pantry boys!

Enjoy this highlight video of WR Leonte Carroo. I’m not a fan of the soundtrack so be advised… you may want to mute it. Otherwise, see if you can tell the similarities to Jeremy Maclin. I think those commonalities are strong.

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What do you say Addict fans? What changes would you… or could you live with this offseason?

PART II is set to publish tomorrow, Sunday afternoon.