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As I wrap up my offseason preview for the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s time to take a look at what might be the most entertaining aspect of the General Manager’s job: The NFL Draft.

Already many of you are checking out the early mock drafts, boning up on big boards, and checking the Twitter feeds of people like Mel Kiper, Matt Miller, Rob Rang, Mike Mayock, and many others. It happens every year around this time (well, at least for those of us no longer cheering our team in the playoffs). It’s time to start thinking about the future of our favorite team, and nothing symbolizes that future better than the next crop of NFL talent coming into the league.

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The Chiefs enter the 2016 NFL Draft in an interesting position.  They do not have a lot of glaring holes to fill.  The bulk of our current roster has a pair of playoff appearances (including a trip to the Divisional Round) and can boast some very impressive wins during their three years together.  While there are some frustrations, and some areas that can use some work, there is no denying that this is a very talented team.  If John Dorsey approaches re-signing our in-house free agents, and plugging holes smartly in the general Free Agency period, then the Chiefs will certainly be at liberty to go with a Best Player Available strategy, as Dorsey has long stated is his style.

This is the time of year where John Dorsey earns his money. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
This is the time of year where John Dorsey earns his money. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

Before getting started, I do recommend looking back at the previous two articles (both linked above) in this series (or at least having them ready for reference purposes).  That’s not a cheap attempt to get more views on my articles…okay, maybe a little…but rather a way to help keep things in perspective.  This entire offseason preview is a series, so it’s comprehensive.  So while you may feel some moves/analysis seem questionable, be sure to keep in mind what was said before so that the reasoning is a bit clearer.

We’ll start by looking at how Kansas City is set up heading into the draft.  The price of success is high, and the Chiefs are paying it by drafting 28th-overall.  That is not an enviable draft slot.  Nor are the Chiefs likely to have any Compensatory Picks for Free Agency last year.  The only bonus really, is that John Dorsey was able to gain an extra fifth-round pick when he traded Kelcie McCray to the Seahawks.

Now, the really interesting thing here is that Seattle basically picks right before us in the draft.  It hasn’t been finalized in the fifth round yet (waiting for league to announce the Comp Picks), but the difference between where the Chiefs and Seahawks pick shouldn’t be any more than three spots.  What does that mean?  Well, don’t be surprised if the Chiefs decide to use one of those fifth-round picks to make a move of some sort.

Now, before I get into the position by position breakdown, I’m going to do something here against my better judgment…I’m going to talk about players who could be traded for more draft picks.  (Note: This is not who I think “SHOULD” be traded.  It is simply factual reasoning as to why they “COULD” be traded.  Nothing more.  If you infer anything beyond the fact that a player could potentially be traded, you have done so on your own.)

The criteria for this requires three factors: 1. Replacement available.  2. Financially sound.  3. Worthwhile gain.  Teams don’t just trade players for the sake of it.  They have to feel they can move on from that player, and that the move is somehow working out in their favor.  So these are the players who fit that criteria that the Chiefs might entertain trade offers for…

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