Chief Concerns: Case in Point

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With the 31st pick in the 2016 draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select _________ .” Of course I hope you realize that the team the Chiefs face later today won’t have a first round pick in the draft this year because of a lot of hot air and football pressure. Consequently, the winner of the Super Bowl will be drafting last at pick #31. The larger point is, that the Chiefs big weaknesses have been mostly alleviated by the work of general Manager John Dorsey and crew (not to mention Andy Reid and his coaches).

Yes, we’re all hoping Mr. Dorsey can re-sign several of the Chiefs own free agents but there is now a level of trust in a Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey in this case, that hasn’t been there in recent years. So, when the draft rolls around Mr. Dorsey can be counted on, and trusted to… take the best player available with a lot less lashback from fans or media.

Case in point: How many weeks have gone by now since you’ve heard or read that the Chiefs offensive line needs to be overhauled or fixed? The answer to that may be, since the first week of the season. I’m not saying the Chiefs don’t need to draft an offensive lineman early in the draft, it’s just that the situation no longer appears dire.

Great coaching job, Mr. Reid. Great talent selection job, Mr. Dorsey.

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a lot: Case in point

It will mean plenty to the Kansas City Chiefs roster if the Chiefs win the Lombardi trophy but I believe there’s a very good chance that Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali would retire it that happens. No, I’m not reporting any breaking news here. I’m just speculating but it seems to me that if they can win it all… they’d be willing to walk away as champions.

I could see both players wanting to re-sign for workable contracts for the team’s sake… if… they get to the conference championship and come close to winning there. Many players speak of “unfinished business” in their careers and so I can see each possibly returning to “take care of business.” However, if they win it all….

I doubt that Dustin Colquitt is contemplating retirement even if his team wins the Lombardi. However, it is worth noting that he and Derrick Johnson are the longest tenured Chiefs players (both from the draft class of 2005).

It makes one wonder if the Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton could end up head coach of another team in 2016 should the next game produce another winning outcome (especially if it’s another shutout)… much less winning the next three straight. We already know OC Doug Pederson has interviewed for the Eagles last Sunday, and is likely the new King in waiting.

One more question about the possible losses that can come from winning the Super Bowl… would you be alright with the Chiefs trading away the last pick of draft-day-number-one, and ending up with zero picks on day one, so that they can pick up more selections on days two and three?

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