In Appreciation Of Philip Rivers


Confession time: Sometimes I can take football a little too seriously. My friends and family all know how much I love Kansas City Chiefs football, I’ve made them memorize Jamaal Charles’ career yards per carry average, and don’t ask them how I feel about the Broncos–they’ve heard that rant enough to recite it from memory.

One of the places this overzealous fandom most exhibits itself is in how I feel about players from other AFC West teams. I can’t watch Derek Carr play without making at least one joke about eyeliner, probably because I’m afraid of what he’s going to become for the Raiders.

I can’t believe the nursing home lets Charles Woodson go out and play football on Sundays (that has to be a huge liability). I may genuinely hate the entirety of the Denver Broncos organization (Von Miller…ugh). My family has endured far too many rants about Peyton Manning, who’s utter destruction at the hands of Kansas City earlier this year filled me with the same joy a child gets opening the latest and greatest Christmas gifts.

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Basically, I can take the rivalry part of the AFC West a bit too far at times. There is one exception to this rule, however. One AFC West player that I love playing against–one that I love having in the division.

As you could tell by the title, I’m referring to Philip Rivers.

I love that Philip Rivers plays for the San Diego Chargers. The best part is that it’s not even because Rivers is a bad player–he’s not. In fact, dating back to two years ago, Rivers has been going through a career renaissance and reestablishing himself as one of the premier quarterbacks in the league. The guy adds a semblance of legitimacy to the Chargers, making them a team that’s hard to discount completely, even when their season has gone the way of the dodo.

You see, I love Philip Rivers because I think the guy is hilarious; from his incredible country accent (seriously, the first time I heard Philip Rivers speak I did a spit take), to his bajillion (eight) kids, to his on-field excitability and those goofy faces he makes on the field–I love it all. Rivers has a unique personality, and the result is the only non-Chiefs quarterback in the AFC West I can stomach without a fiery rage building inside of me.

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Sure, I wish Rivers wasn’t 13-7 in his career against the Chiefs, and I’ve seen Kansas City lose to the guy in person twice, but all in all I love having him in the AFC. He’s goofy, he’s eccentric, and he’s good to make at least one weird “how did that happen” boneheaded mistake a season. Plain and simple, Philip Rivers is a fun guy.

So here’s to you, Philip Rivers. Keep being the strange, charismatic guy you are, and I’ll be happy to watch you play my Chiefs twice a year.


Thanks in advance for the pick you’re going to throw to Eric Berry, you magnificent disaster you.