Kansas City Chiefs Crystal Ball Game

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Marcus Mariota has deceptive speed and picked up a first down easily using that speed.

Marcus Peters looked sharp. He sure looks like a veteran already. That’s his confidence shining through. He doesn’t stick me as a preseason wunderkind like some have speculated he might be.

Everything Maclin is showing this preseason is everything I had ever hoped Dwayne Bowe would be but never lived up to those standards. The K.C. offense is going to be difficult for most defenses to deal with this year when you consider Maclin, Charles and Kelce.

Frankie Hammond Jr. looked sharp returning punts. The first one with him tip towing up the sideline was excellent.

On the Chiefs third offensive possession QB Alex Smith shows rare zip on his passes. Running back Charcandrick West deserves more carries and I hope he gets them during the regular season. It’s good to see Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff getting more reps. He’s going to need reps if he has any real hope of truly developing into a successful NFL lineman.

Rookie wide receiver Chris Conley was held on a fade route at the goal line. If Conley can develop and become another weapon this season then the K.C. offense is going to one mean mother to handle.

The touchdown pass to Travis Kelce at the goal line was not only well placed by Alex Smith but, once again, had plenty of mustard on it.

Charcandrick West’s two point conversation featured his excellent vision. I know a lot of fans won’t agree with me in this but I believe West deserves to be considered for the #2 running back position. I love his ability to cut back and he doesn’t dance around too much like Knile Davis often does. West just cuts and moves.

Jay Howard reached in on a tackle of Titans running back to cause a fumble that was ultimately recovered by Tennessee but I love the effort.

I so completely prefer the announcer tandem of Paul Burmeister and Trent Green when I can’t hear local announcers.

I know that defensive coordinator Bob Sutton was still calling a rather vanilla game plan when they went ahead by 17 points but the Chiefs have to get more pressure on opposing QBs. Hopefully “Speedy Dee” Ford can help supply that kind of pressure this year as his snap count goes up.

Derrick Johnson is an amazing athlete. If there is one player who might be able to play any position on the field I think it would probably be him.

I still don’t understand how 12 men ever are allowed to get on the field by a coordinator.

Arron Murray threw a couple of solid passes then left a pass out over the middle of the field that was intercepted. That led to a touchdown by Tennessee prior to halftime. Murray is going have to learn to throw the ball away instead of trying to force it in there if he’s going to ever be a big time QB.

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