Kansas City Chiefs Crystal Ball Game

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Although the statistics of this game do tell a story that is worth noting as far as projecting numbers to the regular season, the real story may be the development of 3rd string QB Aaron Murray: 15-20, 146 yards, 2 TDs and 1 INT.

It was refreshing to see the team’s 3rd round pick Chris Conley come up with 3 relatively “normal” receptions. A much better showing than his attempt to field a punt in the end zone last week.

Aaron Murray’s touchdown on the run up the field to Fred Williams was a well timed and gorgeous pass. It certainly does spark those QBOTF (quarterback of the future) feelings!

The game plan that showcased short passes and passes on the run seem to mitigate any negative comments I would have expected to make about he offensive line in this game. The offensive line was virtually a non-issue the whole game long.

The interception by Frank Zombo where he tipped the ball into the air then pulled it in was worth watching again. Way to go Frank!

The only thing that could spoil this party was rain. As the rain fell in the second half I could feel myself wishing the regular season started this Sunday. Fred Williams second touchdown was an excellent move on his part. A move that gave him enough separation to go up and squeeze the ball with both hands while the rain began to pour from the heavens.

While it is not completely true that preseason games are meaningless in terms of won-loss records, we only need to think back to seasons when the Chiefs were winning so few games that Chiefs fans were consequently, more than happy to take a preseason win. So, with the 2015 Chiefs going to 3-0 heading into the truly black hole vortex of meaningless games — the 4th and final preseason game — we should not forget that every game is meaningful to the hundreds of players around the league who are about to have their bubble busted.

Fortunately John Dorsey and his band of merry men are foraging the the NFL forests for cut players who are bleeding for a chance to hook up with another team.

The second half defensive shutout that the defense pitched seemed to highlight the timely and adept building of the back end of the Chiefs roster that general manager John Dorsey has done in the past three years.

I’m not sure there was anyone who objected to this one being called a little early. The Titans probably feel like they had been hit by real lightning anyway.

It is a great time to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan! Go Chiefs!!!! Alright Addict fans, what do you think? Did you see anything you liked last night?