Kansas City Chiefs wallpaper featuring the 2015 schedule


When the Kansas City Chiefs‘ schedule was announced, I had the same rational reaction that I’d had in years past: Roger Goodell is a black-magic-dealing infidel whose sole purpose in life is to torture Kansas Citians and replace Arrowhead with a vegan bar.

After a few searches, though, I realized that the Chiefs, based on their opponents’ 2014 winning percentage, own the seventh-hardest schedule in the league. Obviously, that’s not music to local ears, but the fact becomes a little less daunting when you’re reminded that last year’s schedule shared the same truth.

Regardless, dates always become a blur after the first couple of weeks. So instead of Googling them umpteen times, we integrated them into a Chiefs wallpaper.

Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

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