However unlikely, the Chiefs could pursue Marcus Mariota

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The trainwreck that has been Johnny Football may be enough to convince the Browns to make an investment in another 1st round quarterback prospect. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns – Pick: #12 and #19 (from Buffalo)  

The Browns definitely have the most ammo to make this move. Not only do they have a pair of first-round picks to offer up, but they also have five quarterbacks with some starting experience currently under contract. No, I don’t think anybody is going to get overly excited about picking up Johnny Manziel, Josh McCown, Connor Shaw, Tyler Thigpen, or Thad Lewis, but if the Titans do like Zach Mettenberger, as they have claimed, then getting another quarterback into camp for competition on top of a pair of first-round picks could be a great move.

After the disaster that has been Johnny Football, the Browns SHOULD be giving this serious consideration, but as of yet haven’t shown any signs that they want the Oregon signal-caller.

Prediction: The Browns make the right move at QB?  Apparently not in my lifetime.  They’ll stick with Johnny Manziel until he gives them no choice.

Post Edit Note: Tony Pauline of Draft Insider is now reporting that his sources claim the Browns may be front-runners in a trade for Mariota.

San Fransisco 49ers – Pick: #15  

Wow…that just fell apart in a hurry, didn’t it? I’m not sure what has transpired behind closed doors in San Fran, but it seems like just about everyone is jumping ship in a hurry. With Colin Kaepernick taking a big step backward this past year, you have to wonder if he’s on the chopping block. With his early success, Kaepernick could certainly be tempting trade bait to a team that isn’t sold on either of the top quarterbacks. This would be a surprise move to be sure, but just about everything involving the 49ers this offseason has been surprising.

Prediction: After Baalke’s recent claims that the 49ers roster has no holes, I’m wondering if they might be willing to go all-in on a new QB. While it isn’t likely, there is still a chance that they surprise everyone. 

Houston Texans – Pick: #16  

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It is really hard to make sense of the Texans QB situation. For the first few years of his career, Ryan Mallet has been a highly regarded backup in spite of his lack of playing time. Tom Savage was an analyst favorite and dark-horse, first-round pick toward the beginning of the 2014 NFL draft. Brian Hoyer is a professional transition QB. The Texans seem to be collecting guys that are just enigmatic enough to raise hopes without inspiring confidence.  That really puts them in no-mans land at the QB position.

Prediction: It’s doubtful the Texans make the move to go after Mariota. While I’m sure there are some in the building advocating it, there will be many others against it. And ultimately, the price tag of trading up sides with the nay-sayers.

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