However unlikely, the Chiefs could pursue Marcus Mariota

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New York Jets – Pick: #6  

Things haven’t been good in New York with Geno Smith at the helm. Does a change in the team’s leadership also signify a change coming at QB? Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Another team that recently took a QB early but could still be looking to move on is the Jets. Geno Smith has been up and down in New York, but mostly down. And even worse, for him, is that the team has been losing. Questionable quarterbacking on a losing team almost always leads to a change.

With a new head coach and general manager, it’s not hard to imagine that the Jets could get aggressive in finding a young QB to build around, and many in the New York media believe that the Jets are in a strong position to make the move.

Prediction: The Jets will be another team going deep into the trade talks. They need to change the image of the team, so expect them to be willing to invest a lot. Good chance they end up with the No. 2 pick.

Chicago Bears – Pick: #7 

This is more of a question of whether or not the Bears have finally had enough of Jay Cutler. With a new head coach, the time is right to make a change if the Bears want to. But the price will be heavy, and they have a lot of work to do to fix an ailing defense as well. No way they can do both right now. Jay Cutler’s contract will allow him to be traded, but is there any other team out there that wants to take a chance on him? If not, then that’s a lot of money to pay a quarterback you don’t want on the team.

Prediction: Because the Bears were unable to trade Cutler before his 2016 money was guaranteed, the chances of moving him now are almost non-existent, meaning the Bears are stuck with him through 2016. While that might not stop them from drafting Mariota if he were available, it will stop them from trading up for him.

St Louis Rams – Pick: #10

The Rams are one of the teams most often linked to trading up for Mariota. After dealing Sam Bradford  to the Eagles for Nick Foles, many draft analysts see them as a prime contender to move into that No. 2 spot, using Foles to sweeten the deal. Jeff Fisher isn’t afraid to move forward where others hesitate, so I am thinking that this move has a real shot of happening as long as the price is right.

Prediction: The Rams are only going to be willing to offer so much before they decide to just stick with Foles. That means they will probably bow out when other teams start upping their offers. 

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