Chiefs draft: Five fan-favorite picks that I am against

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As the mock draft crowds start to close in on their final predictions, we see fans gravitate toward specific camps when it comes to the players they would like to see added to the roster.  I always enjoy these because there is such a high chance that these fan favorite picks are just flat-out wrong.

Now, that’s not saying that nobody here knows what they are talking about or that I alone have the magic formula figured out.  No, it’s more about a simple matter of odds.  Odds are that everyone’s predictions about the draft are wrong.  Heck, that’s why guys like Mel Kiper get so much flack, even though they are generally more on target than any average fan.  How many of you predicted we would draft Dee Ford in the 1st round last year?

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However, there is another driving factor in why so many people guess wrong in the draft, and that is that media analysts and fans have a hard time looking at the draft from any point of view other than their own.  The big culprit is the perception of what a team needs.  You hear all the time on social media how a team “needs” an offensive tackle, or has to get a cornerback in the first round, or that they need to draft a linebacker before they draft a wide receiver.

Think about all the mock drafts that have been out there for the Chiefs for the past couple of seasons.  Everyone said that John Dorsey had to get a WR in the first round.  Well, not only did he not get a WR in the 1st, he didn’t draft any (though De’Anthony Thomas does appear to be moving to that position).

That leads us to the issue at hand.  Here are five prospects that have gotten a good deal of fan support, but I don’t think are very good options coming into the draft.

Maxx Williams – TE – Minnesota – First Round:

Maxx Williams has the makings of a decent player, but he is not worthy of a 1st round pick. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

This is probably the least controversial of the five at this point as the “Mad Maxx” campaign has quieted down. In fact, on many draft boards, Maxx Williams has fallen from borderline first-round talent to a clear cut second-round prospect. This is good. That’s about where he belongs. Don’t get me wrong, Williams does have talent. He has quality athleticism and shows the natural talent to develop into a decent player.

However, Williams is far more potential than proven talent.  He’s undersized and still plays raw at the position.  He shows that he needs a good deal of work in both route running and run blocking.  Without excelling at either of those, it’s a tough proposition to make him a 1st rd pick.  On top of that, in spite of his athleticism, Williams doesn’t have top end speed, even for a tight end.

When combined with questionable route running, that indicates he will have trouble getting separation at the NFL level.  So even though he may be arguably the best TE prospect in the 2015 class, overall he leaves a lot to be desired.  Frankly, he would not have been even close to the top TE prospect in either the 2014 or 2013 classes.

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