Kansas City Chiefs 2015 schedule brings questions and answers


Sep 7, 2014; Kansas City, MO, USA; The Kansas City Chiefs mascot WarPaint is ridden on the field after a score during the second half against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium. The Titans won 26-10. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs are approaching the draft in the coming weeks and we are even closer to release of their upcoming schedule.

What we know so far are the Chiefs’ opponents. They play at home against Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Buffalo. The Chiefs play away against Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Green Bay and Minnesota. This doesn’t include the overseas game in London against Detroit on Nov. 1, at 8:30 a.m. CST.

The Chiefs will get a bit of a break compared to last year’s schedule, trading teams like Seattle and Arizona for Chicago and Minnesota. The roster turnover every year doesn’t translate that it’s going to be the same level of competition but I just can’t buy into either one of those teams being great in 2015. I think we can all agree it’s important the Chiefs get off to a good start by winning early and beating teams they are supposed to beat.

Sept. 7th, 2014 the Chiefs opened up their season against the Tennessee Titans. After previously making the playoffs during the first year of Andy Reid’s tenure, it was common belief the Chiefs would win against a Titans team that had only won seven games the year prior. No such luck. The Chiefs not only lost, but got dominated by a football team that went on to only win one more game in the 2014 season and hold the keys to the second pick in the draft this year.

The Chiefs have to learn from the 2014 season by not repeating mistakes of losing to inferior teams. More importantly, the Chiefs need to get off to a good start, as it generally bodes well for them. In their last four playoff appearances, there was a common theme: they needed to win often and early.

The 2013 Chiefs had a season where they fed off easy opponents. This team went 11-5 for the season and only went 2-4 in the division, although in one of those division losses, the Chiefs played their backups the entire game. The bright spot was they got off to a good start, winning their first nine games.

The 2010 Chiefs were blessed with another year where they had a soft schedule and beat bad teams. This team went 10-6 and only went 2-4 (swept by Raiders) in their division, but again this team started off well by winning three of their first four games.

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If we remember anything about the 2006 Chiefs season, it was the last week of the season where by some miracle they ended up earning a playoff spot with multiple things falling in place for them (win against Jax, NE beat Tenn, Pitt beat Cin, and SF beat Den). This unit only went 9-7, but surprisingly went 4-2 in the division. This particular team was the exception and didn’t have a winning record in the first quarter, going 2-2.

We all remember the 2003 Chiefs; this was the best offensive Chiefs unit in my 20 years of being a Chiefs fan. Sadly, the defense was maybe the worst unit I had seen as well. This team went 13-3 for the season and went 5-1 in their division. The team got off to a great 4-0 start.

Now my question to you Addicts is this: who would be the best opponent the Chiefs could start their 2015 season against? Some people believe in momentum and some do not. I tend to believe in this force and think that starting the season with a win against the right opponent could give this team the “force” to have a great season.

I’m going to pitch this thought, “I’m gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back.” I’d like to start the season off against Denver. I’ll take it a step further, I’d like to start off the season in Denver. Some of you are getting upset just reading this, and I get it because generally it’s suicide. Here’s my thinking, is Peyton starting to regress with his age? When is Peyton going to be his absolute worst in the season? My thoughts exactly, let’s send a message early that this is our division and what better way to do it than having the final score on the Denver Jumbotron read as a Chiefs win!?

What do you think, Addicts? We want to hear from you!