Highlights Of Kansas City Chiefs Receivers Through The Years [Video]


Chiefs receivers didn’t score a touchdown.”

If ticket holders are locked in a padded room at any point in the near future, swaying back and forth and coloring giraffes with their feet, that’s the sentence they’ll be muttering.

There’s no escaping it.

It’s been drilled into your head every day for the past umpteen weeks. It pushes you to the brink of sanity. It’s the Maroon 5 of stats.

Finally, one fan, YouTuber ChromaticKs, has stepped forward with a pain reliever.

Quick thoughts:

  • The name “Otis” reminds me of two things: A) an overachieving but underrated receiver and B) a song that makes you think a Ginsu-wielding ex is behind you (see: unprovoked screaming).
  • There’s at least one Chiefs fan with a Bad Moon Brock tattoo.
  • Is there a worse feeling than someone doing the “Worm” on you?
  • Yep.
  • Do Willie Davis and J.J. Birden have sons?
  • I don’t know who started the Zubaz trend, but they probably designed AstroTurf.
  • Tim Barnett is the Chiefs-iest receiver of all time.
  • Bill Kenney was Kyle Orton before Kyle Orton.
  • Joe Six-Shooter.
  • Never saw a camera he didn’t like.
  • People blamed Dwayne Bowe for this.
  • Seeing Elway’s world shatter never gets less cathartic.
  • Because it’d be criminal to not include it:

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