Chiefs FA Target Randall Cobb Re-Signs With Green Bay Packers


Let’s be honest: How did we think this was going to end?

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Randall Cobb, the best non-franchised wideout of the 2015 free-agent class, has re-signed with the Green Bay Packers, confirming all of our sneaking suspicions.

Too often, we forget that free agency is a two-way street. We breeze through the Kansas City Chiefs checklist, tick the appropriate boxes and demand that John Dorsey nab a top-three talent at each position of need. If not? Can him.

But put yourself in Cobb’s position. Take a timeout, ditch the tunnel vision and compare the two teams—never mind the others.

For most people’s money, Green Bay has the best quarterback in the game, Aaron Rodgers, who benefited from Pro Football Focus’ No. 1 pass-blocking offensive line of 2014. Cobb knows the offense inside and out, and prior to the deal, Over the Cap estimated that the Packers had $32.5 million-plus in cap room.

Switching sides, whether you draw hearts or throw darts around him, Alex Smith is what he is; a smart, conservative, middle-of-the-pack quarterback. He has games where he looks surgical, and he has games where he looks automated. Either way, his offensive line—outside of Rodney Hudson—blocks pass-rushers like umbrellas block floods, and Cobb would still need to learn Andy Reid’s Rosetta riddle of an offense.

Furthermore, the Chiefs are clawing just to become cap compliant.

If I’m a 24-year-old standout eyeing another bloated contract at age 28, I’m rolling with the first scenario. Easily.

None of that means Kansas City isn’t going to land a notable name, but there are bigger fish on Dorsey’s plate right now.

The GM knows he can bolster the receiving corps through the draft. However, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to find the next Rodney Hudson.

Salary-cap information provided by Over the Cap. Rankings provided by Pro Football Focus (subscription required).

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