Kansas City Chiefs: Film Breakdown Of 5 1st-Round WRs In The 2015 Draft

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DeVante Parker, Louisville, 6’3″, 208 lbs


– Freakish catch radius due to 36.5″ vertical and 80″ wingspan

– Surprisingly shifty for someone of his size

– Sure hands, regardless of traffic

– Rivals Bowe in ability to shed tackles after the catch

– Inconsistent but capable route-runner

– Hands-catcher who adjusts to the ball and catches it at its high point

– Quick feet when releasing off the line


– Periodically rounds off or eases up on routes

– Average blocker, despite his build

– Reportedly logged a 4.39 40 time, but it doesn’t translate on the field

– Has a tendency to push off on 50-50 balls, with some efforts more overt than others


Parker isn’t perfect, but a lot of his strengths mesh well with a West Coast passing attack.

For starters, if a ball is hurled anywhere within his vicinity, sure hands and an 80″ wingspan all but guarantee it’s going to be snagged. And after the catch, he has the strength and balance to make something of nothing.

Furthermore, while Parker’s route running can still benefit from some tweaks, he seems to have a natural feel for it.

The Louisville standout is an average blocker, and his speed isn’t going to break the sound barrier, but his pros dwarf his cons, especially if he’s drafted into a West Coast system.

All of that said, I’d bank on him being plucked from the board before pick No. 18, though it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion.

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